Can You Enjoy Weebly’s Slick Interface in eCommerce?

Weebly is notorious for its intuitive interface. Its flexible drag-and-drop site builder provides unlimited creative freedom. Within hours, people with absolutely no experience in web design can create fantastic sites with Weebly.

But how good is Weebly’s ecommerce solution?

Some Weebly ecommerce reviews find it a tad lacking.

I would argue that Weebly’s ecommerce platform offers a good value for your money and will support my statement with a few examples.

Throughout the review, I occasionally put Weebly vs Shopify, as the latter is one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms.

Ease of use

Weebly is one of the most user-friendly website builders in existence. Unlike Shopify, it is not specialized exclusively in ecommerce but the ease of use stretches over to the shopping cart management too.

All setup options are accessible with a click or two. The initial configuration of the store takes minutes. After that is only a matter of expanding the inventory.

I strongly recommend to create a Weebly account and play around with the site builder to see how smooth it is. Doubtlessly, adding products is the most time consuming thing in any online shop setup but the Weebly Online Store interface makes the entire process seamless and quick.

Themes and designs

Weebly has a decent amount of free themes. (Nearly) 70 is a good number but the best part is that you can customize each one of them as much as you want by dragging and dropping elements wherever you desire.

The themes created for online stores are 13 in total but with a crumb of imagination and a fleck of creativity you can make any of the free designs a remarkable Weebly storefront.

In case none of the available templates tickles your aesthetic bone, you can always import a theme created for you by a professional web designer.

Interactivity and responsiveness

All Weebly themes are mobile-friendly. There is no need to manually adjust them for mobile devices as their responsive design realigns everything automatically to fit smaller displays.

In terms of performance, the 4 Weebly store examples I tested ranked reasonably well: 2 showed average loading times, the other 2 were going toward quick loading speed.

This was a bit surprising, as online stores require serious optimization due to the amount of images they display and the numerous database queries running in the background.

I cover the support in greater detail further down in this Weebly ecommerce review, but I have to mention here that the Weebly support centre can help you speed up your site with very accessible tips and tutorials.


Weebly is a versatile platform with many applications for increased interactivity and functionality.

As far as ecommerce is concerned, even though the shopping cart is included in all plans, it is the Weebly Business plan that covers all grounds right off the bat.

Each product you add can have up to 250 variations. You can add multiple pictures to demonstrate the goods from different angles.

Email templates for order confirmation and shipping confirmation can be edited with the initial setup. Shipping rules and tax rules can be defined manually in the Business plan. Once set up, the Weebly store will automatically apply them to any new order.

There are a few other useful features, which are covered in the section about the Weebly ecommerce packages.

SEO features

All paid Weebly plans provide a $100 worth of Google Ads, which can help you boost your rankings once the store is up and running.

Other than that, Weebly allows you to alter meta tags, to insert page descriptions, to edit header and footer codes in order to embed analytic tools and to manage 301 redirects.

What is more, you can supply custom meta description to each and every product you sell.

The Weebly support centre has useful information about SEO strategies and growth management.

Weebly packages

Weebly has 5 plans: Free, Starter, Pro, Business and Performance.

Paid once per year, they would cost you $0, $8, $12, $25 and $38 per month, respectively.

If you intend to use Weebly for ecommerce, I’d strongly recommend the Business plan for a number of reasons:

  • There is no Weebly transaction fee; payment gateways’ fees still apply
  • Unlimited products
  • You can sell digital goods
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Coupons
  • Shipping and tax calculator
  • SSL certificate is included, covering the entire website

These features make the Weebly Business plan ideal for ecommerce purposes. The smaller paid plans include 3% Weebly store fee and limit the total number of products. They could be used while growing your business but in reality the $25 monthly fee is quite low.

To continue my Weebly vs Shopify comparison, the cheapest Shopify plan costs $26 per month when paid annually and adds 2% transaction fee if you use an external payment gateway. Which you might very well need to do, unless you live in Canada, Australia, USA or Ireland.

Another cool feature of the Business plan is the possibility to define the sizes of your shipping boxes. Many popular carriers base their fees on box size. Once the dimensions of the boxes are specified, you can connect the backend of your store to carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx and USPS. This would allow your shop to receive automatic updates on their fees and add them to the final price of the products.

The Performance plan includes abandoned cart emails, gift cards and email campaigns but its monthly fee is a bit steep already.

Weebly support

In this Weebly review I already mentioned how useful their support centre is. Indeed, it has a lot of handy information published there, as well as video tutorials and webinars.

Mostly all aspects of webhosting in general and Weebly’s functionality in particular are covered in neatly organized sections.

You can also send an email to and chat with the Weebly support team, who are rather quick and knowledgeable.

If you opt for one of the two biggest plans – as you should, if you have serious intentions to run a proper online shop – you will be entitled to a high-priority phone support too.

Final verdict

Weebly is a versatile platform with great many features and unrivalled ease of use. Its ecommerce solution also boasts these characteristics, making it suitable for small to medium businesses.

Of course, it has its limitations, but the Business plan holds its ground even in the strictest of Weebly ecommerce reviews.




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    Susyn Stecchi

    I have had a great experience using Weebly to host a variety of websites. It is very affordable, has a lot of tools for the webmasters to use to develop sites, and has been extremely reliable (as in, it never seems to go down, which is great (no one has ever complained that my site(s) weren’t up and were not working right). You can pay for extra capabilities. I have the Pro plan which meets most of my sites’ needs. If I were going to get uber sophisticated with a site and money was no object, I would use Wix to host that particular site, but Weebly does just about everything I need a majority of my sites to do, and I have been using it for several years with no complaints. You can manage Weebly sites via app, too, for both Android and ios, which is very handy in a pinch. I am a contented Weebly user. I hope they continue to be a reliable host of my sites.

    Aleksaner Fogelman

    I’m a SharePoint pro and Weebly is the platform that I use for my privet websites and recommend to my friends,
    Weebly is easy. reliable and looks good,
    Weebly uses easy drag-and-drop site builder that provides freedom.of choice, if you don’t have “WebMaster” experience in web design, You can create professional and clean look web sites with Weebly.

    Mike Thompson

    I am operate a small web design firm & have over 100 sites on the Weebly developer platform. Weebly’s WYSIWYG designer & customer support have been outstanding over the past 5 years helping me help my clients while growing my business.

    Christopher Harris

    Weebly makes creating and maintaining websites simple and convenient. I use it for several other sites, as well, and each is effortless to update, automatically formats to work on mobile devices and requires no coding experience. This streamlines the process of website design and maintenance for the owners of small businesses and reduces overhead dramatically in both the financial and time-commitment areas.

    Tom Huffman

    Normally I would write a good review, but not in light of what has transpired the past two days. There was a fraudulent charge made concerning my email. It charged back and also charged Weebly for the chargeback. Weebly immediately took down my website, then notified me by email. There was no prior notice to me before the website was taken down. As far as I know that was when the investigation began. That is extremely poor customer service. I am absolutely guilty at the moment of incident according to Weebly. So much for innocent until proven guilty in American law.
    I have responded to Weebly stating that this practice is highly unfair, actually extremely prejudiced. I didn’t use the extremely prejudiced in my first response. I hadn’t thought of it. So my web site has been restored. I want to participate in this investigation and learn what happened. I think they should be able to trace the credit card number. It’s not showing on my two accounts.
    Over the years of running my extremely small, I call it a micro, micro business, there have been a number of instances of people trying to scam me. Just last year I was scammed. it was pretty clever and friendly so my senses were not aroused. I’m still in learning mode.
    I think this may be a new type of internet scam using false identity and it was not done actually on my web site, but through the email. The web site showed no evidence of that incident because the website desktop does not track the email.
    So in this case Weebly does not get a good review.
    I was also held hostage by Google today until I agreed to pay monthly for a business app. I’m not happy with Google either.

    Alison Weld

    I have had a good experience with Weebly I recommend Weebly to others.

    Becky Neideffer

    I love Weebly. I used to do web pages for artists and I have changed them all over to Weebly and spent half a day teaching them how to manage their own. Most of these artists are not computer savvy. I also have set up three art group websites, one of which I have taught another artist to manage.

    It is the most user friendly web builder that I have critiqued or used. I wish I had a little more control over changing items, like the navigation menu fonts and colors in a template, but all-in-all, I’ve managed.

    Duane Embry

    Weebly has been a very easy site to use as we build school and district web sites. The controls and options are familiar and easy to follow – everything needed is available on the site.

    Alan R Graham

    I found the web building tools to be easy to use and was able to create 3 websites on Weebly. I also created email addresses using the Weebly partnership with Google. This process was a bit cumbersome but the Weebly staff were very helpful in getting everything to work.

    Anthony de Sigley

    I have used Weebly to build a number of sites over the past few years and highly recommend it; it’s my default starting point for new and proof of concept sites.

    James Tio

    I have had a great experience using Weebly to host a variety of websites. It is very affordable, has a lot of tools for the webmasters to use to develop sites, and has been extremely reliable. I build websites for school and leisure. The controls and options are easy to follow. You can pay for extra capabilities. I have the Pro plan which meets most of my sites’ needs. You can manage Weebly sites via app, too, for both Android and ios, which is very handy in a pinch. I am a contented Weebly user. I hope they continue to be a reliable host of my sites.

    Philip Hollis

    I’ve been using Weebly for a couple of years and it was a very good upgrade to my previous off-the-peg site at first but recently I’ve been encountering problems with a range of simple issues that neither Weebly nor their App Centre have solutions for. We are a Photography education company and we use the site to host tutorials and for our student galleries. For the latter it’s very good. Upload is fast and we can display images and videos and large image sets in a range of ways. However I’ve been trying to find an app that would allow us to run a fullpage slideshow on one of the pages (to highlight a portrait project we’ve been involved in.) Weebly couldn’t do it and couldn’t offer a solution via a 3rd party. Really basic thing for a Photography company and something that’s available everywhere else – and that they’ve been asked about many times through help tickets and forums. Also we can’t run a live feed blog on the homepage – without updating and uploading lots of content every time we make a post.
    Have also in the past been unable to use and upload a variety of simple widgets which would improve our content significantly. Also failed to find a decent looking solution to selling workshops via the App Centre. The only sales apps they have are for people selling things and not services and as a result the one time we’ve used it – it looked like a sales site for a plumbing warehouse. Subsequently many clients said the form didn’t work correctly and wouldn’t allow them to fill in certain fields
    Ultimately I think we will probably switch to a Wordpro sight as we are about to upscale the tutorial side of things and we just can’t have all these issues

    Martin J Higgins

    The best!

    Nick Caldwell

    Good value, easy to use interface on a PC. Not a good experience on IPad app. The ‘New Post’ option should be clearly visible after selecting ‘Edit Site’ as it is on the website via PC but you have to go digging around for it in other screens. Pretty offputting.
    Why should I have to pay to link my URL to a Weebly web site? Having to upgrade to be able to this is a bit of a con.

    Morgan Osborne

    We chose Weebly because of it’s easy to use interface and affordability. We are a small team without any technical web expertise. Despite that, Weebly makes it easy for us to manage our own website. It has all the tools we need to customize our website in the ways we want to. Our site looks professional and is easy to navigate thanks to the Weebly templates.

    Bob Cooper

    I am not a programmer and don’t want to learn HTML, so Weebly has been ideal for me. I like the drag and drop interface, the simple way I can connect my own custom URLs, and the templates that are provided. Clients are amazed when I am able to whip up a complete website in about an hour. I have tried other “off the shelf” tools but I think Weebly has the best combination of features and price points.

    Kellie DiFrischia

    Utilizing Weebly is like having an extra office staffer ! Our tiny office of non technical staff was able to easily navigate a new platform for our site. But maybe best of all is the support that Weebly offers when you do have a problem.

    Alex Rosenthal Hutton

    I found Weebly to be a great experience. They’re customer service is really exceptional and it was easy to build a wedsbite on my own with no website experience. I also found they’re prices to be very reasonable. I have and will continue to recommend Weebly to my friends and colleagues.


    Simple, efficient and clean web builder platform. Options for free site publishing are plentiful. What a wonderful service!

    robert mccallum

    Besides using Weebly professionally I also teach website design in a school and get the students to use weebly. Many students go on to build on the websites they create. I prefer weebly over other companies such as four square and wordpress as Weebly is far more intuitive and you can also adjust coding etc. What you see is what you get when you publish.

    I also like their business component with built in cart, taxes are taken care of and shipping. It works really well and I can monitor sales on the go.

    Robin Agricola

    I prefer to build sites in WordPress because there is so much more flexibility and the cost is much cheaper. However, when a client needs a platform that is much easier and more intuitive to use, I go with Weebly. You get some control over the CSS/HTML though making changes generally impacts the mobile layout of the site. Overall, a good solution for a client who is not very technologically savvy but who needs full editability.

    Shane Johnson

    Weebly is pretty easy to use and fairly priced I think. For the most part I can get the features I’d like with the lower priced plans and it’s simple enough to go in and edit text and photos when I need to. Forms were easy to set up but I had to upgrade to get the option to upload files. The one thing I struggled with was getting photos in the right place and getting them the right size and format so the parts I wanted to display were visible. The sites and themes look pretty professional without having to put a lot of effort into it if you need to get a site up and running quickly.


    I really like working with the plataform, is very intuitive and easy to use. I often have to make changes on my site and with weebly is really easy.


    I am a middle school teacher and have used the Weebly platform for my website for the past 4 years. The ease of use with the Weebly platform allows most of the teachers at our school to create great websites for their classrooms with very little experience building websites. Also, students in the middle school have used to platform with much success to create project websites. Unlike many other platforms, Weebly does not sacrifice design features and appearance at the cost of ease of use. The mobile version and preview option allow you to really customize your landing page to cater to the mobile market. I am a fan!

    Jacqueline R.

    Relatively easy to use and navigate. I created brand new websites using Weebly templates and art from my association’s previous websites.
    My only complaint is the clunky members addition page.; I wish there was a way to do a bulk import (maybe there is, but I wasn’t able to find it).

    Ana Loureiro

    Free to use. Drag & Drop. Reliable and stable. Professional look.


    I have used been using Weebly since it first came out. Of the variety of platforms available, Weebly is professional, clean, elegant, easy to navigate and very affordable. Because of it’s simplicity, it is easy on the eyes and is ideal for those who prefer less gimmicks and more ease in design and placement of content.

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