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Top 5 WordPress Tools for Successful Digital Marketing

To become a successful digital marketer on WordPress, you need the right tools to manage and keep track of different marketing aspects. Digital marketing is wide, and exhaustively addressing every issue while staying afloat can be hard. You will probably be behind schedule with a lot of workloads to deal with and that is why different tools have been developed for the purposes of digital marketing, from SEO to email marketing and more. Also, marketers need tools to help speed up and make different marketing actions smooth. 

Wordpress tools

Top 5 Tools for WordPress marketing success

While WordPress offers a lot of tools that help to make marketing easy below are 5 that are worth consideration. If you’re a digital marketing agency, you may want to consider this as part of your toolset. 

SEO by Yoast

The SEO by Yoast tool is a free WordPress plugin that can only be installed in self-hosted websites. It also has a premium extension with additional features and functionalities but the free package has all the important features that help to deliver SEO improvements in an easier way. With digital marketing comes SEO, and every website owner needs to optimize and make their site more search engine-friendly. 

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The Yoast SEO plugin is a one-stop for all website SEO concerns, from snippet previews to XML Sitemaps, content analysis, and more. The plugin helps you identify different SEO problems like weak keywords, meta descriptions and meta titles. It offers solutions to these problems and other SEO-related problems. 

“Yoast makes SEO super easy for us. It gives you the outline for all you for your SEO efforts so that even if you’re not an expert, you know exactly what to check off to make sure your content is optimized.” – Jason H.,

Thrive Architect

Another tool used for WordPress marketing is Thrive Architect. One of the many reasons why marketers use Thrive Architect is because every website needs to be attractive enough and customized to fit the business style. A website that appears professional is more appealing to a visitor than one that appears amateur; people will trust a well-built website more. 

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder used by WordPress website owners to enhance their website designs and other features. The tool has oodles of column layouts, landing page templates, sales page templates, different text and image combinations and everything you need to make your website more appealing. 

Generally, all these are features that help with enhancing website design, but many marketers use Thrive Architect for list building and A/B testing. It is also a great tool for businesses and websites that are conversion focused.

Google Tag Manager

All digital marketing trends state the importance of data when it comes to tracking the performance and success of different marketing efforts. While Google Analytics provides a lot of data and insights, it can be paired with Google Tag Manager (GTM), for improved data results. GTM consists of three main parts including tags, triggers, and variables. 

Tags are snippets of code which you can easily deploy with Google Tag Manager, without modifying the code itself. A major perk that GTM comes with is that you will be able to access all third party code at one place. This means that even without the help of a website developer, you can manage these tags. 

Triggers help determine the right time and method for GTM to fire different tags. Variables are pieces of extra information that are sometimes used to enable a trigger or tag to work. GTM in a way boosts the loading speed of your website and what’s more, the tool can be used with other non-Google products. The preview and debug mode that comes with GTM can be used to determine what is working and tweak what is not before going live. 

“Google tag manager takes the nightmare of tag errors on your website and eliminates them. Giving you an easy, all in one dashboard to add, remove, and update tags on your website.” – Mack, Chance Realty LLC

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

One of the biggest uses of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin otherwise abbreviated as YARPP, is internal link building. The YARPP tool helps WordPress website owners display other related posts and pages in a particular web page. This is helpful with internal linking which in the absence of, your website visitors wouldn’t be able to find old posts or additional informational posts related to that of the current page. 

YARPP automates the process of internal linking and helps website owners to make relevant posts to their audiences. It is a great way for marketers to keep website visitors on their webpage as it gives them something extra to do on the page. This keeps readers hooked to your website by keeping them engaged with your content and as a result, helps to reduce bounce rates. So, YARPP increases the average time spent on your website and equally improves on-page SEO


OptinMonster is a cloud-based software that marketers use for lead generation. It is specifically used to grow email lists and improve email marketing which is, in our opinion, as important as video marketing in the digital marketing realm. The plugin helps to build appealing opt-in forms for lead attraction. Almost all website owners, if not all use email marketing to generate leads and nature them into repetitive buying customers. 

Email marketing has been regarded as one of the most effective ways of digital marketing. OptinMonster has Reports and Analytics function that will help you keep track of the effect of your marketing efforts on your lead numbers. This also helps you monitor what actions your leads are taking, so as to make informed marketing decisions. 

The OptinMonster tool also offers a wide range of designs to choose from eg sidebars, floating bars, pop-ups, and full-page, etc. In addition, the OptinMonster is compatible with different email service providers, making it suitable for different business preferences. 


Businesses now are past the brick and mortar era, with most functions automated. Digital Marketing is a cycle, and every stage of the cycle entails different actions linked to the final goal of the whole digital marketing strategy. Marketers first create a strategy, employ it, measure, then analyze the results to see what is effective and what is not. Of course, don’t forget to brand your website and adding a favicon is a good way to do it. The final stage is improving or getting rid of what is not working and repeating the cycle until success is attained and you achieve financial freedom. To successfully complete every stage, marketers need different tools for planning, tracking, analyzing and more. The above are some of the most used and most important tools for WordPress marketing.

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