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The ‘Website’ for Everyone: Google Rolls Out New Site Builder

Google has announced the release of a new and exciting tool for owners of small businesses: a single-page website builder with the elegantly understated name “Website.” It is geared specifically at small businesses who need a quick and user-friendly way to create a website.

Why bring out Website?

Google has worked out that 3 out of 5 new small businesses globally do not have a functioning website or online presence which is extremely strange in the era of and

By bringing out this new tool, Google hopes to improve that percentage and encourage smaller businesses to get their brand out there more effectively.

What about Google My Business?

One of the most common mistakes users make is targeting the wrong geographical area. Users wishing to make use of the new Website tool will need to be listed under Google My Business, and then all information will be pulled from there to create your site. You can then personalize your site with different templates and media.

To use, or not to use?

There are pros and cons to this new tool, and simplicity is the key:

  • ‘Website’ is free, and extremely user-friendly
  • It can be used on a desktop or mobile
  • It comes with free hosting
  • It allows you to create a website within minutes

However, it is worth bearing in mind that Website does not provide a huge range of options when it comes to design, and won’t come with the deluxe features of a more complex content management system such as Wix, or Weebly. But, if you’re after something quick, simple and effective for your new business, this is an exciting and convenient tool and a possible WordPress competitor!

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