Finding an efficient hosting site is the preoccupation of web developers and designers and Site5 has proven to be the web hosting platform of choice because of its optimal performance. Site5 Reviews indicate the preference for the site because of the credibility that comes with its service delivery. This platform was launched in 1999 as the brain child of Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong and operated under the philosophy of effectiveness and quality services. Site 5 was recently acquired by EIG conglomerate that already run platforms like SiteGround, Hostgator, Bluehost and others. This merge is an improvement for this developer centric platform that was already providing optimal services. Hosting options provided by this enterprise include Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Virtual Servers. Site5 prides itself with a proficient uptime that is almost one hundred per cent efficient at all times. The customer support team too is competent and friendly along with the amazing features on offer, it is not surprising that savvy developers and designers are attached to the platform.

Site5 website builder 

Site5 has powerful website building tools that enable web building and development. There are excellent web hosting plans evident in the service packages offered that include web hosting, reseller hosting and Fully Managed VPS hosting. Comparing Site5 vs SiteGround, in terms of services offered in the website building category, clients have a preference for Site 5 because they do not experience the problem of overloaded servers as is the case with the latter. This is because performance is the desired effect so this platform avoids adding too many accounts that slow performance. The advice of in house tech experts is well regarded which is seen in the constant upgrades that the platform employ to be the best in the business.

Data center locations

Every web hosting platform must protect its data in order to avoid breaches. Site5 is aware of this eventually and therefore make allowances for many data centers in numerous locations around the globe. These data centers have unlimited power supplies with power backup generators on the premises to ensure smooth functionality. The different data centers take care of emergency escalation to each facility, deliver redundant and isolated electrical feed to each PDU even during programmed maintenance. Some of the data center locations include US with New York, Phoenix, Dallas, San Jose and Washington DC being storage centers. Canada has two data centers located at Montreal and Vancover; Amsterdam for the Netherlands, Bucharest for Romania and Singapore and more. All these diverse global locations are intended to offer the best services at all times.

Site5 Uptime

Speed and efficacy are traits developers seek in the haunt for a reliable web hosting platform and Site5 provides this through its nearly perfect uptime. True, like all web hosts, there is unavoidable downtime for maintenance and bug detections. Yet, the uptime for this company is awesome and is set at 99.9%. To show the degree of confidence that this establishment has in terms of this outstanding uptime margin, there is a money back guarantee that cover dissatisfied customers. Technical support is always on call and the fast response rates ensure effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The forty five days money back guarantee give new customers enough time to test Site5 before committing and the fact that almost all customers stay is proof of this uptime effectiveness. Looking at the statistics of Site5 customer survey in the past twelve months, the average uptime has been ranged between 99.82% and 99.97%. Since Site5 is a customer centric enterprise, there are credit reductions offered for all downtime which range from 5% to 100% credit offered when uptime is underperforming depending on performance levels between 99.95% to 95% for shared and reseller servers. For Fully Managed VPS, downtime is compensated from 99.95% (5% credit) to 99.5% (100%). All credits are noted on user site accounts and are reflected in future invoices. Uptime is therefore optimal for Site5 and clients have acknowledged this efficacy when comparing statistics between Site5 vs Bluehost and other hosting platforms.

Site5 cPanel

Site5 has a cpanel that provides graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of web hosting. Control panel and dashboard experience are great with the Site5 cpanel that is on offer for $10 per month. Since the cpanel is a Linux based system, it facilitates sign ins, configurations and publication of materials therefore making easing a procedure that has hitherto been very complicated. The cpanel can be access via your domain name, Server IP and troubleshooting cpanel access. The Site5 cpanel can function as a dedicated server or virtual private server.

Support team

The support team is competent, fast and knowledgeable and this ensures that customers get the best help they desire round the clock every day. This is what every customer desires since the availability of an efficient support team eases operations and gives a favorable work experience. Many users have applauded the efficiency of the support team while one Site5 review goes further to indicate that though this team can do hand holding and babysit amateur users, upper level developers also appreciate the service because of the expert knowledge the team possess. Customers can call ( 1-888-748-3526) email or send instant messages and get prompt responses, though weekends have longer response time. In reflection to this, it is evident that the support team is up to par. Site5 support team also makes use of social media with a huge following on twitter. Customer inquiries can be answered through that medium.


Site5 offers unlimited bandwidth, unmetered disk space with backup provisions with free migration. One incredible attractive feature of this platform is the fact that there is a 45 days money back guarantee. This means that customers have a right to a full refund if the web hosting platform is not suitable to their needs within forty five days.  In relation to bandwidth, every cpanel account has a monthly limit that can be upgraded depending on user needs. Usually, the bandwidth interface displays usages information with graphic illustrations. This monthly volumes are generous in reflection to price range while users can easily upgrade in relation to their needs. Disk space is unmetered and is equally extensive in order to appeal to customer needs. Files are registered in file manager and the user can access disk space by clicking on the icon displayed on the dashboard. All files are listed in this section to give the use an idea of how disk space is utilized.

Web developers and designers seek elasticity in terms of migration when picking a hosting agency. Site 5 makes provision for this, and making it free of charge is a bonus. The expert migration administrators are ready to move all website files and databases from the client’s old web hosting site to the current platform quickly and effectively. Usually, Site5 has the capacity of migrating up to 25 cpanel web hosting accounts along with 10 non cpanel web hosting accounts like MYSQL databases and website files. For customers who subscribe for the VPS hosting package, the bulk of migration is larger and equally as efficient. These migrations cover web hosting, reseller hosting and cloud hosting.  One site 5 review reiterates that this package is amazing especially in reflection to the thirty days free trial period.

 Pros and cons 

Using Site5 has numerous pros which include a thirty day trial period, 45 days money back guarantee and an awesome customer support. Every prospective customer is given a thirty day testing period upon sign up which is a generous offer that is unmatchable. By the end of the trial period, the customer is free to commit or terminate the service. In addition, there is a forty five days money back guarantee for shared and reseller hosting with no conditions or red tape attached. The client is refunded immediately the request is made without any further procedures. The customer service as already stated is efficient, fast and knowledgeable. Every good thing has a down side and the cons according to customer reviews are mostly registered against slow transition period. Since the site was recently sold, most clients complain about slow customer service within the first few months of the merger along with moving hosting servers to other locations without notifying customers and misleading and expensive pricing.


Web hosting reviews are favorable in relation to Site5 because of the fact that the platform is developer centric in concept and reality. Several amazing options are aligned to packages like optimal uptime, simple and easy to access cpanel, fast and efficient customer care and more. Although there are many web hosting platforms in the market, Site5 reviews have indicated that the platform trumps all others thanks to its personal touch and performance base philosophy.


Is it possible for me to review and edit my account information through backstage without navigating from one website to the other?

How does Site5 guarantee user security in terms of website breaches?

How can I configure my account to Google Apps?




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    Uptime is ok. I switched to Site5 because I wanted to have a host with a referral program. Over the years the customer service declined. They no longer have customer service over the phone and when you have a question you are often fed responses that have no connection to your question (as if it were cut and paste.) Even when I was asked to leave a review I told them “no” because it would be negative. Yet the response was “I’m sorry you are having trouble, would you please leave a review?” I was very surprised that the affiliate program ended without warning and although my links still worked to bring them business I was not paid. The user interface stopped working appropriately. When I first got the service everything was self explanatory but now the user panel is filled with broken links. I have to contact customer service for simple tasks like adding an add-on domain even though there are buttons within the dashboard that make it look as if it can be done relatively quickly. I’ll be moving on.


    I have no problem with site5. Their customer support service can be hit or a miss sometimes but I mostly have a positive experience with them.

    Brent Hayes

    Always reliable and easy to work with. Site5 was recommended by a coworker and now I recommend it to my friends.

    John Cokos

    We use as a failover for our main website (which runs a .net application hosted elsewhere) as well as for our main email server. Generally, things are very smooth and easy to manage. I have found technical support to be very responsive and in most cases, we’re able to get things solved very quickly.

    We have had a few reliability issues with email. Servers being down or in a reboot state, and have been caught up in an IP block being blacklisted due to others hosted on our server sending SPAM. As a large part of our business revolves around email marketing and our newsletters, downtime is critical for us.

    The UI for the control center is very good for the tech savvy, but if you’re a beginner, it can be pretty daunting. I would like to see more tactical workflows for new users and an advanced mode for those with tech experience.

    Dissatisfied customer

    Site5 gets one star from me for uptime – everything else about them was pretty bad (plus, zero is not an option).

    I am no longer a Site5 customer but had been with them for a few years and was happy in the beginning but then things slowly but surely went down the drain. I had a critical issue once with my website and couldn’t reach them via live chat or phone so I submitted a ticket. I got an answer 3 months later. I eventually reached them via live chat but then my website, which is the lifeline of my internet based business, had been out for over 8 hours and the outage had cost me thousands of dollars.

    On multiple occasions, I was asked to submit a ticket that was answered weeks and months later. In the end, it reached the point that I had lost all trust in them and felt like I was hooked up to a ticking time bomb knowing that I probably wouldn’t get any service if something went wrong.

    Site5 in my last year of doing business with them had the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever encountered.

    I gave them all this feedback when I canceled my plan with them, which is why I was quite surprised to see an e-mail in my inbox whee they asked me for this review.

    Tanzeem Mohammed

    We have been using site5 as our primary web hosting platform for over 30 websites and we have had a largely hassle-free experience. The uptime of the web servers are as promised and they are very proactive when it comes to anticipating and dealing with risks. Their support is first quality as well. Highly recommended.

    Site5 used to be a great place back in the early 2000s. Then it got sold off and things went from bad to aggravatingly annoying. They concentrated on quantity over quality. When trying to deal with the problems that quantity brings it was one mistake after another. Luckily for a new customer most of the horrendous mail migrations are now over, from server mail to one huge dedicated main server that was a cluster fuck and then back. Things are not great with the mails as they use a relay service that causes issues (but cuts back on blacklisting that they never managed to fix), so if mail hosting is important look else where.

    Support, oh support how I hate you. I want my support to be knowledgable and pleasant experience, special as you turn to it in a crisis. My support tickets are chock full of details and specifics. Invariable my second reply to all support ticket is: “Do not copy paste at me, do not ask me if I have turned it on and off again!” So you have to fight your way through al the way to support level 3 where you start to get sensible answers. Depending on the severity of the issue, must cases things get fixed here. Otherwise it’s a few more days to support level 4 where then you really start getting serious, but this is more understandable as they are complicated issues and by now your talking to their VP engineers. Their big mistake is they are looking to have good response metric, but they are meaningless and useless. Get back to me in a whole day, as long as it’s with a real answer/solution and not back in a few hours with meaningless replies.

    The new servers are fast and shared load is decent, but on the migration they throw out our DNS records; cause really who needs them, we will just go with the standard setup. You can imagine the havoc that caused, from SPF records, to caliases for Heroku, and connections to gmail services and rackspace content management network gone. We used to use their VPN service, but have since migrated to Heroku for the flexibility. Our regular web hosting we still do with Site5.

    The pros are what keeps us at Site5, when things work the servers are fast, uptime is great, price is rock bottom cheap, no limits on any of the other crap you find at other web hosts, where you can only have so many subdomains, FTP accounts, etc, Site5 has none if that and do provide a tons of tools and access to all your data. If you manage to get up to level 3/4 support, they finally know what they are doing and will get you sorted. Also have been great over the years with SSL setup/renewal, never had an issue on that as I have at other places.

    Summary: if you are looking of decent and affordable, Site5 is it. If you don’t mind paying more for fantastic, there are others.


    Very much like the previous post, my experience is extremely similar.

    I was with Site5 for about 2 years, and the main reason why I chose to go with them was that they have individual cPanels for each website, although they are a shared hosting provider, and it was no reseller account (not WHM)

    I liked the possibility to manage my sites (wordpress blogs) individually. Support was very helpful and super fast responding in the beginning.

    The thing I noticed from the beginning was that my sites went down or were not accessible when I worked on them heavily. Which was super annoying, as I never got to complete my work intended for that day.
    So many sites were down often when I worked on them in parallel.

    And I started wondering, if those sites are probably down more often than I notice in general…?

    The final killer was about 4 months ago, when they sent me info with a support ticket number, that one of my sites had an issue, probably a bad plugin causing problems. So they shut the site down.

    i tried to repair what I thought might be causing the issue based on their advice. After that nothing happened, they neveer responded back to my reply, the issue was never solved – instead my business website was suspended!! They turned it from not accessible to “suspended” which, as you can imagine, is not a great looking reputation for a business website!

    Within the last 3-4 months I tried to get response to the open ticket sending them reminders several times. Nothing.
    Then I succeeded to get contact to the live chat (after a long wait), which were not ablet to help and promised me to escalate the issue and the open ticket to the next support level. NOTHING happened! Another 2 weeks later I contacted live chat again, same story, same promise, and absolutely nothing happened.

    So nobody ever responded nor finally solved my open support ticket while my website has been down for 3 months now!
    What to expect from such a non-functional hosting and completely dead support?? I did not dare to work on any of my other websites (I have 20 on their hosting) since I wanted to see if this hosting will go anywhere or is completely dead!?!

    This is completely unbarable. Completely non-reliable. I am moving away now as fast as I can. I am cancelling my Site5 service this week and will move all my websites to Inmotion hosting.

    Site5 has gone completely crazy, I don’t know what they are thinking, to let people hanging that way. After altogether 6 contacts (at least I tried) and 2 live chats nothing happened for 4 months, and my business is down. Fantastic service. ZERO STARS!
    If you consider joining – stay away. They are not what they had been maybe 2 years ago.

    Eric Morera

    Support has gone downhill for the last year or so. They don’t get back to you for days and sometimes weeks and take ages to resolve even small issues. Will be moving on as soon as possible.

    Andrew Vorster

    Unlike many of the recent reviewers, I’ve had better service from Site5 than from any of my previous hosting providers. I run about 6 or 7 sites on the platform – nothing too heavy a load but my main business site is on there so reliability is key for me. So far, the problem resolution has been good and chat support has been great – not sure if most of the customers are from the USA but here in the UK I never seem to wait long for a person to get onto live chat and on every occasion my issues have been resolved on first contact. Maybe I’m just lucky, but for now I’m sticking with them and recommending many small business to do the same.

    Abdulaziz Aldagher

    I have been a customer for them since 7 years now. They are very good in general. But, unfortunately they used to be very responsive when submitting a support ticket. Now, the ticket takes weeks without reply!!!!!

    Except that, every thing is going smooth..


    Terrible! they we the best hosting company 10 years ago, something happened the past to years they just went down to crash status. Just to mention a couple of thins, they have not returned my money I requested for destroying over 15 sites, they never fixed it… One day we came in, all sites had code from almost a year back, we check the email – You have been moved to a better server…. Need I say more? Thanks, go somewhere else, run…

    Michael Coates

    When ever I’ve had a problem (which is rare), the Site 5 support folks have always been available and able to help me sort out the issue. Great reliability and solid help.


    I have hosted my website at for more than 10 years. I also have some additional domains registered through them with external content: my blog and my photography forum.

    The experience with them has always been fine and solved any problem quickly via Live Chat. Only recently I had a very important issue with them: one morning was not available, asking for login/PWD to enter (something I never implemented). At first I thought my site could have been hacked and when I contacted Site5 via Live Chat they not only couldn’t solve it, but even give an explanation of what was going on. One of the operators (I had to contact about 4-5 operators along 4-5 days) even said that the domain was mine, but the hosting plan belonged to another account and I needed to be that person to be allowed to ask any action over it (pardon my words but: WTF?!?). Finally a more competent operator detected some misconfiguration in their servers about the linkage between my domain and host basic plan, and solved it quickly. But they kept me 5 days very worried and wasting time. Lucky it was just a personal site and I don’t make a living of it.

    Conclusion: general good service at a good price, but would never hire them for professional website hosting.



    I have hosted several domains. The support is excellent.

    Kashif Hussain

    Decent. But prices do go up. Switched to ‘turbo even though I don’t need it.

    harry corrigan

    I’ve been with site5 for about 5 years, there have been one or two glitches but I would have to say that my experience has been very good, I don’t have anything to complain about.


    Hector Madrigal

    This web host has its ups and downs. I was with it before they went through a major change and became backed up with tickets and issues. Their live chat can be helpful when they want to be, but other times it seems like they expect you to know everything.

    When it comes to the hosting all together, I ran into a number of issues that I had to resolve with little to no help from them. Once I got my site running smoothly, however, their hosting worked fine with almost no down time.

    Basically, you have to know what you’re doing with maintaining your website for Site 5 to give you the hosting you need. I will note how great it is that they give you so many cpanel tools for hosting. Some other web hosts I’ve been with did not allow me to use as much as site 5 does.

    Dan Lok

    I’ve been using site5 for more than 10 years now. I have over 100 sites on it. I definitely recommend it.

    Dan Florio

    It’s been fast and reliable. Customer support, while rarely needed, has been prompt.

    Denise Calaway

    I have been used Site5 for my hosting needs for over 10 years. The first 9 years were fantastic. Great speed, good neighbors (spammers were dealt with), and customer service you could not find at the Big Boys like Network Solutions or GoDaddy. Then they were bought by EIC – who actually owns the majority of hosting companies out there. The first 6 months had many hiccups. Softalicious stopped working, technical support was more like customer support – they could do password changes but could not even understand the most basic requests for server support. I missed the tech support crew I came to rely upon for wonderful service. The last time I had to call in to technical support, the call routed to a tech support center that also dealt with Blue Host and HostGator – they were at least knowledgeable although they had to escalate a simple request to a ticket which in the past Site5 techs would have fixed themselves in under 2 minutes. Being honest here – all hosting companies are just about the same now with this huge buyout by EIC. I would just look for the best fit for your hosting needs and best price.


    I picked up Site5 on a “Valentine’s Day special” several years ago, a cheap hosting plan that handled my primary wordpress blog plus a handful of other domains (all on shared hosting). I’ve had a few issues over the many years, but nothing too hard to handle, and their support team is amazing. I love being able to live-chat with the Site5 team. Site5 is great, exactly what I need at a price that makes sense for hosting a blog that earns basically no revenue.


    Excellent support service. When the interface changed – everything was different (and that is a problem is you have been using and familiar with the older system). New user will find the interface much easier.

    Support services are ALWAYS polite, fast and efficient…..

    Michael Beck

    Great Web Host Provider

    Steve Gardner

    I am all satisfied. Keep up the good work.

    John Moyo

    Generally the services are good but the live chat support system is now failing to be live because sometimes the chat will say waiting for a connection for over 20 mins. When I joined Site5 in 2014, the chat was just instant and the issues were being resolved there and there.

    Deb Dudinsky

    I have been a site 5 user for over ten years. They went from probably being the best in customer service to the worst. It takes days for anyone to respond to technical issues. Billing issues forget. I had made a few payment extensions to avoid disruption of service and they just turned it off anyway and sometimes triple charged my bank account. I am not a new to websites. I have owned and operated long standing sites 15 years and going. Finally thru in the towel. Last time they turned it off I left it off. I have been in customer service at walmart for 20 years. These guys are about the money and nothing else. After 12 yrs they just lost a customer. You’d think someone there would have reached out to me. They don’t know and don’t care.

    Mathea Ford

    Zero is not an option, or else I would choose it. This company was good a few years ago, but then they got bought out by the big guys and it has slowly gone to bad. Earlier this year I continually experienced down time. So I sent in a support ticket asking about it and got no real answers. “I see your site is up now, let us know if you continue to have problems” and after a few rounds like that you just give up. Then they shut down my VPS for 24 hours because of an audit and said I was overdue which I was not. Despite immediate tickets and support chats it took over 24 hours to get my site back on line. That was the day I decided to switch to

    Rossano Soares Tavares

    The quality of SITE5 is amazing. My websites is always on with a very good speed.


    Site5 was amongst the best 2 years back…but it seems there has been a major restructuring of the company and ever since support has really gone rock-bottom. Sometimes we have had to wait for over a week for a reply. We have been forced to shift most of our websites to Bluehost.

    Brian Ruf

    I’m with the majority of the responses. They “used” to be great, but once they moved their customer service center and stopped having phone support, it’s clumsy, inefficient and not as helpful. I’ll site crashed two weeks in a row and we went round and round with tech support trying to understand the problem, as they kept asking us why we deleted files! Which we didn’t.


    I have had experience only with shared plan, overall for the price its great. The server speed is not stable, sometimes it responds superfast, sometimes it is slowish, but it might be normal for shared server. Compared to I-page shared plan it is much better and usable for low traffic commercial use. I like the live chat but often they just issue a ticket to deal with you later if the question is too tecnical.

    Derek Burrows

    I’ve been with Site5 for many years and over the years their support has gotten better and better. For me as a web designer it’s crucial that I have a good support team and I’ve grown to rely on their tech support. I mostly use the chat sessions which are great though at times I have to email them for more robust issues and I’m never disappointed.

    Sadaf Kherani

    I’ve been quite satisfied with Site5. Their 24hour support is a life saver and has come in handy many times. Service is eager to get the problem resolved or move it up to the next level of support. They also follow up to make sure all is good.

    Peter Sjoeholm

    As things tick on it’s quite ok, we haven’t had that much down time. However when things go wrong the shortcomings of the company shine through. The support is a disaster. The support answering time is at least 3 months if you get any answer at all.

    Shaun Donovan

    When I first signed up for the service everything was great, the site ran fast and support was very responsive. We just finished moving our site to a different host after periods of time when the server was not available, difficulty in getting in touch with support and backups of our site failing.

    Alex L

    We’ve been with Site5 for years and I sure you can probably always find cheaper hosting. However, I’m willing to pay a little more for a company that helps out the smaller businesses without access to an IT department. Site5 has always helped us out in this regard, and we appreciate it.


    Site5 was very good when I started using them around 5 years ago, I recommended them quite a few customers. Then their service started to deteriorate. my domain emails started getting marked as spam, and resolution was not so forthcoming.

    Their uptime and overall service was tolerable, but when they got sold, it started getting worse.

    LowellAnn Fuglsang

    Overall Site 5 is a good service. Sure would appreciate support via at least voice.


    Been using site5 for 10 years, the first 7 were running very smoothly, I could deploy many rails and php application under my account. Tech support was doing great, helped me when needed.

    Then the company was bought by a larger group (also owning bluehost and many other) then the tech support was delegated to a team offsite, who doesn’t have neither access to the servers, or actual tech knowledge.

    I suffered a few technical issues, mostly resulting from a hack on one of my wordpress installs. It resulted in having many of my sites corrupted.

    It took me a few hours to resolve the issues, but then I needed to wait 7-15 days to get answers to my support ticket, during all this time my other sites were offline, I had to re-host them somewhere else.

    the problem occured 3 times the past 3 years, but the last time, my account was blocked because of malicious files that were not even on my account – I was still blocked for 15 days until they acknowledged the issue. Note also that my tickets were simply never answered, the only way to get their attention was to complain on twitter.

    All my sites are now out of my account, it will be closed at the end of the contract period in december.

    will never use again, and won’t recommend site5 to anyone.

    Jim Billman

    Site5 has been very helpful. We have not had any problems with them.

    Erik Urdahl

    This is sort of two reviews: how Site5 is compared to other hosts I have used and how Site5 is compared to itself two years ago.

    Overall, I am not totally unhappy with Site5. I have seen little to no downtime and they have a decent interface compared to some of the other web hosting companies I have had to deal with. Many of the services I have to pay extra for at my work’s hosting company are just included in Site5. I don’t seem to have any issues trying to contact support, but I do think their support quality has gone down hill quite a bit.

    That takes us to part two of the review. I used to LOVE working with Site5. It was blazing fast, easy to use, and had the best support of any company I have ever worked with. Then they got bought out and things just haven’t been the same. I routinely have errors either in WHM or cPanel, I get tons of HTTP errors when working on WordPress sites, and the support staff just doesn’t do anything to address these things. I am looking switch to a different host.


    Site 5 has been good when I start with them, answer were quick but there were issues when they implements some changes. They also increase their rate without prior notice. Hopefully they will back to be as efficient as they used before.

    Gregory Burbank

    Site5 used to be great. Then they got bought by someone. They take months to respond to tickets. Move servers and disrupt your service. They sell you products that they admit that do not work and then refuse to refund you. You can only communicate via live chat and the workers cannot do anything except put in tickets that never get responded to. Even when escalated they just sit. You ask about them and they apologize and it still sits. Still have open tickets from 6 months ago.

    Erminia Angilletta

    I have been using SITE5 over 10 years. It WAS awesome. The latest few years it has not been the best. The interface has changed drastically and is far to complicated for anyone who is not a website designer or pro. The support is really slow and inefficient and it is impossible to get actual phone help – unless you want to buy hosting and then there is a number buried deep in the website.. I’ve had more down time the last few years than I have had in the seven before. And I am getting replies to support tickets today from years ago which is insane. My last outages was over 18 hours. No warning about updating side servers or possible downtimes, not ETA on when it would be resolved, no offer to compensate for lost traffic. Disappointing…

    Erminia Angilletta

    I did not put 4 star on my last review..I put two. Please fix

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