Lunarpages Promises to Take You to the Moon and Beyond

Established in 1998, Lunarpages has been at the forefront of creating cutting-edge IT solutions and advanced web hosting since its inception. The company was later taken over by Add2Net and has continued to grow under its wing since the early 2000s.

Lunarpages reviews, builds and monitors more than 150,000 websites, and it works with all kinds of businesses around the globe. Whether a major corporation or a small independent business, Lunarpages hosts websites of all sizes.

As a company, Lunarpages’ main aim is to reduce the risk for businesses and to improve the efficiency for their clientele. It strives to accomplish these tasks by offering top-notch IT solutions and world-class web hosting.

Lunarpages has experience in hosting and managing websites for major companies throughout the world. It has helped establish strong online presence for businesses such as Coors beer, NBC and Sony. All three websites are examples of the quality the IT company puts into its work.

With its ever growing list of clients, Lunarpages takes pride in helping each webmaster to design, develop and bring projects to the next level.

Lunarpages Free Site Builder

Lunarpages allows users to build their own unique website using a free site builder. The do-it-yourself builder comes with a variety of templates, which allow clients to create any type of website with ease.

Lunarpages has partnered with Weebly to offer the best tools for anyone trying to create a great looking website without writing a line of code.

Users of Lunarpages review positively the great options available: ecommerce, eye-catching themes, ease of use and SEO optimization.

Lunarpages Data Centers

There are eight state-of-the-art data centers in the Lunarpages’ family.

The center in Hawthorne, California, offers a multi-tiered, secure and controlled environment for its servers.

In Irvine, California, Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia, the company has SAS 70 Type II compliant data centers. Customers will never have to worry about these servers shutting down as each facility comes with a generator backup.

Lunarpages’ Las Vegas location is one of the world’s most advanced data centers. It is the only data center in North America with a Tier IV Design and Facility Certification.

Lunarpages Uptime

Downtime is unacceptable in the modern business world, and that is why Lunarpages is attempting to confine it to the past forever.

The company strives for an uptime rate of 99.99%, which means that, potentially, a website would experience less than 10 hours of downtime in a year. Due to the numerous features and powerful tools at its disposal, Lunarpages tries to keep this promise of nearly 100% uptime.

According to sources, the industry average for server uptime is around 99.95%, so Lunarpages is beating it by some margin.

While some web hosting companies offer a free month or cash back due to uptime percentage decreases, Lunarpages doesn’t experience any significant downtime.

Lunarpages cPanel

cPanel allows users to access and control their website easily.

However, at Lunarpages cPanel is an added expense for users and does not come with the basic Lunarpages plans. It isn’t expensive, but it isn’t free either, like with many other web hosting companies.

The cPanel file manager is a powerful tool, which allows users to update and manage their web page through their web browser. It comes with a number of special features like webmail, video tutorials, chat rooms and more.

There are mixed opinions on Lunarpages cPanel, though, mostly due to the fee required.

Lunarpages Support

Lunarpages support isn’t as readily available as it should be.

There is no live chat, which might make it a bit difficult to get a problem fixed immediately.

Of course, the company does have both phone and email support.

Using the company’s blog site or FAQs section on the main website could be the best option to get a fast support.

Lunarpage Supported Apps

The Lunarpages plans offer Softaculous, which provides installation wizards for PHP scripts. Lunarpages supports one-click apps for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, just to name a few.

The web host also supports a variety of apps for both Android and Apple users. Android users can have access to Adobe software, Dropbox and more.

Alternatively, users may download the script files from the respective developer’s website and then manually upload and install them.

Lunarpages Speed and Security

Lunarpages have fast load times. According to industry experts, sites hosted on its servers have an average load time of 679ms.

Speed has a direct correlation to ranking within search engines, and the faster speed allows for Lunarpages websites to be ranked higher.

Security is an issue that the company takes very seriously. However, many Lunarpages reviews have claimed that the security could be improved further to prevent hacking.

Lunarpages Features

One of the advantages of using Lunarpages is the number of offered tools and applications. Lunarpages WordPress is one of the most popular features along with Lunarpages Webmail, but there are plenty of other great Lunarpages services available.

Microsoft Exchange email solution, payment processing services, blogging applications, and ecommerce are all at the users’ fingertips, waiting to be utilized.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee for users unhappy with their experience.

Lunarpages Pros and Cons

The biggest pro of using Lunarpages is the company’s track record.

In business for nearly 20 years, it has stood the test of time.

Secondly, Lunarpages has worked with a variety of major companies, from NBC to GM, and these major businesses trust them.

Thirdly, uptime is fantastic and businesses will experience little-to-no downtime.

While these are some great pros, one of the biggest drawbacks is Lunarpages support.

There is no live chat support, and the company has a ticketing system that seems very outdated. Tickets can be overlooked and some Lunarpages reviews have indicated it takes around 12 hours to get an answer to an inquiry. Those 12 hours can result in great revenue loss, and Lunarpages customer service takes a hit due to that.

Secondly, while getting information and answers from support isn’t easy, their website isn’t very good for finding valuable, timely information either. In fact, the blog may be the most useful place to get what users seek.

Finally, Lunarpages cPanel is not free at the low-tier plans, and users have to pay to use it.


One of the best things about Lunarpages is the pricing. Unlike other hosting pricing, Lunarpages doesn’t increase their fees after an initial low-price period, which is great.

With such an extensive track record in web hosting and a history of working with some of the biggest brands, Lunarpages looks like an attractive choice for anyone, no matter what their business is.

While the company does have its drawbacks in terms of support, it makes up for it in other areas.


Q: Does Lunarpages offer domain name registration when I sign up?

Yes, Lunarpages offers free domain name registration with some of its plans. It needs to be redeemed in 30 days or less after signup. The registration is for 1 year. After that period the standard renewal fees apply.

Q: What if I’m not happy with my Lunarpages service? Can I get my money back?

Yes, Lunarpages offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Q: What billing cycles does Lunarpages offer?

Lunarpages offers 4 billing cycles. You can pay each month, every 6 months, once per year or once every 2 years. All pre-paid options come with an increasing discount, bringing the monthly price down.





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    Always available to help. You guys have the best support team.

    Aleks Tarn

    Good service, good support, excellent reliability.

    Ashfaq Ahmed

    Very good Services and excellent Support

    Amanda Caldwell

    I have had great experience with Lunarpages! They have hosted my website for 10 years! thanks!

    Adrian de Villiers

    Very pleased with my site and it’s hosting.

    Brent Silby

    Very good up-time and (most importantly) excellent customer service. On the rare occasion that I have an issue, the customer service people resolve the issue within a few hours. I have highly satisfied.

    cecile Savage

    I am a musician, not a professional webmaster, who learned web design out of necessity, and I really enjoy it. I have found the LunarPages site easy to use, the team and help desk courteous and very helpful. My issues always were resolved. I also find their price rather competitive


    My experience with Lunarpages (since 2006) is quite positive. I am not a typical user, a webmaster or someone setting up applications for third parties. I’ve got the webhosting service mainly to provide a cloud platform supporting my job as a project manager, and to host several domains related to the activity. I used it for the company mailserver, to provide ftp file exchange with other designers and to test possible cloud applications. It has been also used to host a large corporate website.
    Everything went fine, and I never experienced issues, and rarely used the support service, which has been anyway prompt and effective. Lately, having spent more time setting up MySQL DB and PHP apps, I’ve also appreciated the suite of apps (Softacolous) and the way to make them quickly settled up.
    I repeat, I am not a typical user, and you can consider my experience as one of an outsider in the industry.

    Eszter Nagy

    I have used Lunarpages since early 2000 as it was recommended to me by a system developer in IT and I have since opened up various webpages for other businesses, using them as a host. I have always been pleased with the service; the updates, the response, the prompt help, you name it.
    Lunarpages have always been excellent and I find them well worth your money.


    Overall, my experience has been good and the service has been reliable.

    Joan Thomas

    Great vendor support and reliability for the price!

    Jim Einert

    I have been with LunarPages for several years now, and have had good service with them. They always let me know when they will be down for updates and upgrades, which is not very often. Their Cpanel is easy to use and they include a lot of good apps to make building sites easy.


    Overall, I’ve been very happy with Lunarpages minus one mishap with the servers being upgraded a few years ago that took down a couple of my client’s sites. I recommend it often to clients and friends as a cost efficient and reliable provider. I think I’m on year 12 of using them and was happy to see their service and quality didn’t drop when they got larger and went global.

    M Steven Fox

    I’ve been with LunarPages since 2006. being an underground comix review site, I have over 3,000 HTML pages, so my site is large by page volume if not by traffic. I was originally attracted to LunarPages because third-party evaluations stated that they were willing to host adult-oriented sites. Not porn, per se, but sites that included adult material, which a decade ago was probably harder to find than it is today. I have never had a big problem with LunarPages, though my SMF message board stopped working not long ago. Not from anything I did, it just stopped working and became inaccessible (I get an error message). But I’ve been too lazy to contact LunarPages about it, so I can’t really ding them in this review for it. Then again, why did it stop working in the first place? I am confident that if I contact their help desk, I could get the problem resolved.


    Excellent, I´ve been with Lunar 10 years already, the service is great. The updates and upgrades and the information they send is valuable.

    John Grden

    Yes, I received it.

    Honestly, I ignored it because I was still a bit upset about my last encounter with your techs. I’ve payed just over $100/yr for my site for quite a while now, and I was getting some nonsense about how I needed to remove some videos (football, client work etc – nothing illegal or otherwise) and how they were trying to enhance the servers by having people purge content like that. I’m a software engineer myself, I knew their response were crafted in a way to make me think this was unavoidable. At one point, they were threatening to remove my content. I finally had had enough, called them out on their story and told them if they didn’t stop, I was going to pull my account and go somewhere else.

    I don’t know what they were told to do, I’m not aware of any rule that says I can’t park a video on my own website that I own the rights to. So, their interaction with me was completely wrong and I felt like I was being included in a much larger sweep of people who may have content that’s not approved with your service. But the reason given was performance based, which I felt was complete trash.

    After I fired back and told them what I thought of their reasons and requests, they seemed to have left it alone – which says to me, I knew exactly what they were doing, called them out on it, and they had no response. Although, I haven’t checked my files, but their reply seem to indicate they would stop bothering me about it.

    So there’s my review. You guys are expensive, but the hassle to move my stuff outweighs my reaction to that interaction with your engineer, and so I stay. But I’m not happy about it.

    John Grden

    PS> I think your control panel is fragmented and confusing. One panel is for these tasks, then a completely different web page is launched for other work with the site. I’ve found my way around because I know what I’m looking for, but it appears as though it’s 2 systems (or more) shoved together and gives the impression that the 2 don’t know what each other are doing. I personally would like to see a much more streamlined UI, one web site and much more clear nomenclature and an overhaul on the outdated icons. If that’s already been done, I apologize, but I try to venture out there as little as possible to be honest and haven’t been for a long while now.

    Jon Vaughn

    I can say this: for the first 12 of the 14 years I’ve been using Lunarpages, I had no issues at all and so they were for the most part invisible which is desirable. However, I don’t know why exactly but in the last three years I have been fighting issues. Perhaps it has been a rise in hackers in the world or perhaps it’s other factors, but it seems that about every 6 months, they open a support ticket telling me that my sites is using “too many resources” or that I am being hacked. I go along with their suggestions for the most part but I know that it was nothing I did to cause a problem and there seems to be nothing I can do to fix it. At this point, I am suspicious that the issues are an attempt to extort me to purchase upgraded services such as managed hosting which I don’t believe are needed and that my team cannot afford since we are a non-profit organization. I have run out of patience dealing with these issues.

    Rich Braun

    I have been using them for quite a few years and have been very pleased with their service and customer support. I take care of several websites and I have never experience any downtime. Whenever I have had a problem with something I do not understand about on the websites I go through their website and submit a support ticket. I like doing that because it gives be the chance to print out their response.Their customer support team has always been very fast to get back to me and their responses are written so that I can understand and solve my problem. I used other ISP before Lunarpages and while their customer support started out great, it didn’t last long. Lunarpages has never failed me.

    Their pricing is good, they seem to be right in the ball park with that.

    As for me, customer support is the key. I would pay more as long as the customer support is excellent. An ISP at any cost is not worth it if they have poor customer support.


    Mack Dryden

    I’ve been pleased with the responsiveness of the team at LunarPages and have had no issues with them at all. I am quite happy with their service.

    Kent Morrison

    LunarPages Web Hosting Review
    Kent Morrison of

    We specialize in highly automated Joomla based web sites that display rich data and provide interactive web services.

    Since 2007 we have been requiring our clients to host at LunarPages.
    This ensures a given level of hosting expertise, hosting technologies, and technical support for our clients.

    The shared hosting at Lunarpages has distinct advantages over other web hosting company offerings:
    – We know that the shared web server will be configured at a given level of Apache and PHP version
    – We know that the convenience and security of cPanel controls will be available
    – We see the web server performance to be very high, despite a number of other domains being served from the same machine.
    – We enjoy the fault tolerant bandwidth and server physical security that Lunarpages provides
    – Client budgetary considertions are upheld by the very affordable rates chared for shared hosting
    – Technical support for shared hosting is very diligent and we have never had to wait on hold for more than 12 minutes
    – and UPTIME!

    The more advanced hosting packages are also very cost effective:
    – Cloud VPS puts our client web sites on their own server instance
    – Security considerations related to non-shared hosting are assured
    – Full control of the server via (either) cPanel (WHM) or Lunarpanel gives us confidence in operation
    – Dedicated bandwidth of these Cloud VPS web hosts is very solid
    – Individual control of the Apache and PHP versions assures us of tight security and compatibility
    – Dedicated technical support by a top-notch team of specialists that really understand our systems
    – Support engineers at a higher level oversee server management and address more complex issues as escalated
    – Extremely affordable rates for Cloud VPS make the decision to “go PRO” very easy
    – and UPTIME !

    In summary, our experiences with Lunarpages have been very positive, and our clients are quite satisfied
    to have their business essential web services hosted and cared for by such a professional staff.

    Our sales rep, Mr. Michael Sassorossi, has always counseled us from the perspective of his years in this industry, and helped us to make
    the correct decisions about the best hosting package and set of services for a given client.
    We refer ALL inquiries about web hosting to Mike Sassorossi at Lunarpages.

    Kent Morrison


    I am the webmaster for several websites that all use Lunarpages and am very happy with the hosting and the services. Their interface and cpanel is very user friendly and the technical support is the best I have ever had with a hosting company. The few times I have had an issue with our server, support was readily provided and problems were fixed within a reasonable amount of time.

    Zachary Larson

    I have been a Lunar Pages user since 2008. I have had only positive experiences with them. I find their interface easy to navigate and use. The uptime is fast enough to meet my needs. The CPanel is intuitive and easy to use. The prices are fair and the customer support is responsive and courteous. I plan to continue being a Lunar Pages customer for many years to come.

    Jess Stryker

    Good for small websites with little traffic. If you have a website that you expect to grow into something even moderately small in the way of traffic they have few options between “small sites” and a full blown “virtual server” that requires considerable knowledge and effort to maintain. As you grow they will start giving you static about exceeding limits, but with no moderate size co-hosting options you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place on costs. Also over the 10+ years I have been with Lunarpages they have steadily eroded my service package from “unlimited” to “very limited” with lots of usage restrictions as they grew. Due to low limits on CPU usage they are not a good host if you use WordPress or one of the other similar content management systems that use a lot of server resources to serve pages. On the plus side, except for a couple year period they have been good about maintaining server speed and up time. But it comes at the price of twice a year bitching about my CPU usage.

    Paul David Benedict

    I am a small business owner (one-man shop) and have found LunarPages services to be reliable and straightforward. Staff has been quick to respond to issues and detected a hijack within minutes.

    Sarah Crosby Campbell

    My one abiding frustration with LunarPages is that my email address is frequently blacklisted. This has led me to migrate over to using my gmail address to send email. I have communicated several times with LunarPages support about this issue – with varying degrees of success. At first, I was told it was an issue of the receiving email servers, but after I was able to show it multiple times on multiple receivers’ some action was taken to get the site cleared of a “spam” label. However, I am considering changing the service because of the repeated nature of the problem.

    Otherwise, the speed is fine. The hosting has been consistently good.

    Darren Williams

    Been a user for many years. Easy to use, reliable, and good value for the price

    Isaac Doud

    Ah, Lunarpages. The host that got me started in web development from sophomore year of high school… Nostalgic, in a sense, but now that I’ve got some years behind me in terms of web development, things have changed a bit. My general experience: compared to many other hosts, Lunarpages is more suited to static sites. Poor performance on Drupal and WordPress compared to A2 Hosting/Vultr has made me move many sites away from Lunarpages. Some tests on highly optimized sites showed up to an 85% cut in load times when we moved sites away.

    In terms of their sales department, I’d call it questionable at best. Whereas with my experiences with A2/Vultr, they often recommend the most cost effective alternative for their sites, often simply recommending an upgrade to a shared environment most of the time. Lunarpages straight up tries to sell you a dedicated VPS for anything and everything. Be very cautious while working with their sales department, and try to bounce things off of other webmasters to make sure you’re getting a good deal if you’re set on working with Lunarpages. Similarly, there are some times when even the support recommends a performance upgrade for a site that keeps going down that before, I’ve been running on a Raspberry Pi without any downtime or problems on very similar traffic levels. Questionable sales tactics.

    Seems like a pretty negative review thus far, so you’re probably wondering why I’ve still got a few sites on there. The main reason is the support backing. Even on A2 Hosting, my preferred host at this point in time, most problems have to be fixed via a ticket system, even though they have a live support chat. This typically means any problems are fixed next-day at best. On Lunarpages, if you get one of three of the most awesome support people I’ve ever worked with, they’ll legitimately work for hours on a single project to help you out, going far beyond what I’ve ever seen any other support technician do. In one circumstance, early in my web development days, I had an experience with a somewhat large site (~5k/wk traffic) getting hacked, forwarding to an illegitimate windows 8 key store. One of the support techs (Noufel, you legend) worked with me for six hours straight in live chat to get the site back up and running, clearing out all traces of the hack, and restoring everything before I knew how to do it. Similarly, in more recent circumstances, we had a severe problem with our server and one of the other two awesome support techs was given the ticket. They stayed in chat for four and a half hours updating us on progress and details on the fix. That’s some dedication to their craft, and I can respect that – and that’s the primary reason why I’m still hosting some non-mission-critical sites with them.

    That being said, it’s also sometimes a gamble with support, unfortunately. If you don’t get the right person in the support chat, you’re submitting a ticket (which is typically 1-3 days). Hit or miss, which is why we had to move the mission critical sites away.

    Howard Lau

    I have been with Lunarpages since 2007. I am on shared hosting monthly plan $4.95 USD (basic hosting). I had a few websites hosted on the same account. Most of my websites are using WordPress and they are personal web sites so I don’t expect to draw lots of traffic. Lunarpages has a good uptime and I don’t see much outage before Lunarpages upgraded their shared server to Cloud Linux. With Cloud Linux installed, each account with shared hosting plan has a limit of 2% CPU, 512MB of ram or 2%, 0.4% of MySQL or 5000 Total Connections and 20% for Top Processes. When those values are reached by an account the website will display errors due to those limitations. I went through the exercise to resolve high-resource usage for my account by myself. See my blog article: I could get everything in their limit except the 20% for Top Processes. When I checked “Resource Usage Stats” in cPanel, it exceeded 20% for Top Processes from time to time when loading the blog or when posting an article. The consequence of that is getting 500 Internal Server error from time to time. If website ranking and plugin update notification are important to you, I don’t recommend to host WordPress site with basic hosting plan.


    I have used LP hosting for about 5 years for several different websites. Overall reliability is very good, ease of use is good and phone/tech support is quite good.


    Lunarpages is a fine choice for personal web hosting. I’ve been a customer of theirs for many years and I’m getting exactly what I expect from a low cost web host. All the controls are straightforward and work properly. I see it as a “workhorse” type service and it’s a good horse.

    Kim Trimmer

    I started using lumarpages in 2002? at the advice of my website designer. I have to say it’s been a great consistent investment. The price is so reasonable. And when I’ve needed help I’ve gotten it usually with a lot of patience despite my dearth of tech say!


    Great value for hosting our online boating forum. We’ve been with Lunarpages for over 10 years and never had any problems at all. Thousands of users make daily use of our site and we can always depend on consistent speeds and response times.


    Good uptime, very few problems. Support has been able to solve any issues quite quickly. We have been with Lunar for many years now.

    Dennica Abdo

    I have been using lunarpages for over 10 years now for several of my sites and have never had any complaints.
    Their customer service is quick to get back and always sorts out my issues very quickly as I’m not a “tech” person myself.


    I have used Lunarpages for years. They are always fairly quick in response and fixing whatever concern I might have, if any. I have had a great experience!

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