With over ten years of experience in web hosting business, iPage prides itself as one of the most affordable hosts that offer reliable hosting services with 24*7 support, unlimited add-ons, excellent tools and amazing features.

To evaluate the reality of these promises and pride talk of the iPage, I went through numerous iPage reviews on the internet.  Most of those reviews claim iPage as one the most reliable hosting providers.

I agree with most of those reviews, but I have some opinions on iPage hosting services based on my two years long relationship with the hosting company.

So let’s dive into my review about iPage Hosting

iPage as a hosting company is known for hosting personal, business, non-profit and also social websites at a very affordable price. In addition to the great value for money, there are a couple of other things that I would like to discuss in my review about iPage, a list of few that makes it special and few points on where iPage has to improve to satisfy its regular customer like me.

iPage website builder

The first thing I would want to start discuss is their website builder. The only reason for that is I am right now using their builder to build one my websites

iPage website builder with its hundreds of responsive themes will let you build a website in minutes.  All you need to know is just drag and drop.  For you to get a hold of building a website with their tool, they also have a free plan which allows you to play with prebuilt sections of any of the themes they have. However, you cannot have more than six pages on your website with the free plan.

If you are serious about your website and need a professional website, you can upgrade to their paid plans. Please check their plans Professional and Business here.

With the help 24/7 support team, you can build your website or create your online store from scratch in minutes.

iPage Data Centers

iPage now has offices in six different locations around the world. The six locations serve over one million websites with two data centers located in the United States of America. The data centers are strategically located on AT&T’s Global Crossing and Cable & Wireless Global IP backbones. Together with the wide private and public examining arrangements, the two locations are designed to maximize your internet spectrum and bandwidth capacity as well as to boost the performance. For enhanced data security, these locations are equipped with high-tech interior and exterior CCTV cameras and are guarded by 24 hours on-site guards. Therefore, you should rest assured that your data is safe with us.

iPage uptime

We all know website’s uptime is by far the most important aspect of any hosting service.  iPage aims at 100% percent too. Bust considering the numbers of last 12 months, the uptime for iPage has been 99.91% only. This number compared to other top hosting companies does not look good, but if you cross-tabulate the loss you might face with the downtime(8 hours in last year) with the pricing difference between those top hosting companies and Ipage,  I feel it is pretty much okay to host with iPage.

iPage Cpanel

Not every client or business owner can learn everything about web hosting and how online technologies work or integrate. Most users want a quick fix to their problems and here is where iPage Cpanel comes in. The control panel features 13 items that enhance your experience as a user. iPage uses the vDeck type of control panel that is designed to reduce the learning curve and to enable the learner and other website owners to develop their websites quickly with an easy-to-use control panel. The panel features several unique features for example:


This feature allows you to set up a credit card payment system, a flexible shopping cart and enables you to build gift card options for those who want to offer gift cards to their customers.

    Account management

vDeck has simplified the way you manage your account settings and your billing methods. It has made it easier for you to manage your billing information and you can also manage your support tickets as well as make payments straight from the Cpanel.

    Marketing tools

When you sign up for iPage’s web hosting services the first time, you will receive several free Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Bing advertisement credits. The vDeck has these credits integrated into the system to enable you to start using them as soon as you are ready. You can also purchase more credits if you so wish.

    Easy website management    

vDeck comes with a drag-and-drop website builder that will enable you to build your website, or blog. The file and FTP management tools are easy to use.  One click install will make it even easier if you want to start your website with open source products like WordPress, Drupal and so on

iPage Support

A concise iPage review is not complete without mentioning about the good support system. It is not easy to find a low-cost service provider that has a good support system. However, iPage has gone an extra mile to offer a very vibrant customer support system that provides support 24/7 all the year round.

The customer support system assists you through a phone, email or live chat. The support teams know about the servers, how they work and you can ask them any technical question, and they will gladly give you a right answer.  The live chat responds within two minutes, and when you use the email, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

iPage Features

Money back guarantee

Ipage like many other hosting companies has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the hosting company in any possible way, you can claim for refund. They refund you without asking you any questions.

Email features

iPage has an elaborate email hosting system. It offers an unlimited number of email accounts; it offers webmail support, it has an email forwarder feature, auto responders, and spam free protection.

Few other interesting things about Ipage

iPage offers first free domain name, unlimited add-on domain, unlimited FTP account, unlimited data transfers and htaccess overrides. It uses auto script installer from the Mojo Market Place.

Security and backup

With sitelocks state of the art security, they promise to keep your files on the host safe. From my experience with the host, I  I received a couple of times, emails about possible malware code embedded into the website files. It is so easy to maintain a website with this kind of services.


Although it is a pretty important feature these days, IPage does not provide SSH access to its users.

Advanced tools

iPage uses high-performance, load-balanced servers and dual OC-48 connections to ensure that there are seamless connectivity and enhanced performance of the sites they host. The company focuses on providing its clients with a better hosting experience.

iPage Pros and Cons


Extremely cheap

If you are looking for the best budget web hosting, you should go for iPage. iPage is not only affordable, but it is very reliable and reputable.

User Friendly

iPage is by far the most user-friendly web host on the internet today. Even a person with basic computer skills can create a website using iPage. The account setup is very simple, and the ordering process is smooth. Your hosting account can be ready in a matter of a few minutes once you have paid.


According to the official website of iPage, all its hosting operations are fully powered by renewable energy. This is a move to ensure that we maintain a healthy environment.


Expensive renewal costs

Although iPage is considered to be the most affordable web hosting service, the low promotional pricing for plans run for 12-36 months. Once this period is over the costs will increase, and you might be required to pay more than $8.99.

Dedicated servers take longer to set up

VPS servers offered by iPage take at least two hours to set up. However, dedicated servers can take longer to set up. They can even take a whole day to set up a dedicated server.

Preinstall of CentOS 6.4-6.5

Several VPS hosting companies offer their customers a few options once they purchase a new server. Unfortunately, iPage servers come ‘as is.’ This means that you can only run the CentOS 6 version. However, you can upgrade the operating system remotely.


Although there are few negative things about uptime, on the overall Ipage hosting is a good option for all those beginners on the internet who want to start a blog or website to make money online and for all those small businessmen who want to have a website up online to promote their offline business.

Comparision with other hosting providers:

iPage Vs Bluehost; which one has the best uptime?

iPage Vs Hostgator; which one offers the best hosting services?

ipage Vs GoDaddy; which one guarantees value for your money?










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