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You’ve probably read the name somewhere, or a colleague could have mentioned in passing. But what is HostMonster and how scary is it exactly?

There are many HostMonster reviews – and even Host Monster reviews, for some reason –which fail to mention that it is a monstrously good hosting company, terrific for its customers and terrifying for its competitors.

This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to know about HostMonster.

For starters, let’s see who the HostMonster company is. They have been in business since 1996 or just over two decades, and are best known for providing quality hosting services for both business and personal sites.

In the highly competitive web hosting market, every HostMonster review commends their solid customer support and modern equipment of the highest grade.

HostMonster wiki states that HostMonster is also known for the highest guaranteed uptime, excellent functionality and smooth administration. Their backup solutions exceed expectations and their great business ethics constantly push them toward excellence.

Below is my detailed HostMonster review, which evaluates the pros and cons of their services.

HostMonster Website Builder

Having limited features on your website can make it quite drab, but new users can enjoy the creative freedom of a flexible drag-and-drop website builder for business or personal use. To access this tool, users would have to access their HostMonster user area and head over to the section that says ‘Site Builders’. In this area, you will be able to select the domain you wish to edit.

Essentially, what HostMonster offers is the famous Weebly site builder. It is very functional and easy to use. It’s suitable for just about any type of website.

Social media presence is extremely easily achievable, while contact forms, pretty site menus and catchy logos increase the customers’ engagement. Additionally, you can have a customizable background, images, text, videos and colors.

Business owners can benefit from some of the features particularly much. You can sell products online via the seamless shopping experience the Weebly ecommerce solution provides across all available devices. With its new and improved features, you can utilize payment options like PayPal and Stripe.

Users can quickly browse through discounts and new products.

You have complete control from start to finish, adjusting and customizing numerous features like shipping, payment options and order management to suit your needs. And you know what? Not a single line of code is needed.

HostMonster Uptime

How does server uptime affect the grade in a HostMonster review? Arguably, this is the most important metric to consider. HostMonster strives to be the best in the market by ensuring that its server uptime is uninterrupted.

Not that this is entirely feasible, because all web hosting companies experience down time every now and then. For instance, failure in hardware and file corruptions are bound to happen, but what matters the most is how such issues are handled.

There is a section on their website where you can monitor any HostMonster down time or scheduled system maintenance.

HostMonster Support

It’s not just the great infrastructure that makes HostMonster a great hosting provider. The customer support is equally important.

HostMonster support team can be reached over the phone or via live chat and email.

Their knowledge base is an excellent source of tips and tutorials.  

HostMonster cPanel

cPanel is the most popular shared web hosting control panel for Linux platforms. It is user-friendly but the ease of use should not misguide you: through cPanel you can exert full control over your hosting services.

HostMonster cPanel can be accessed through the user area or by typing in your browser The latter should take you directly to the secure login screen.

HostMonster Supported Apps

One feature that many developers will appreciate about HostMonster is that it supports many free scripts. It’s compatible with forums, mail scripts, mailing lists and social networking scripts.

Bloggers, too, can also benefit from the easy install of Joomla, Tikiwiki, polls, surveys, Moodle, Drupal, and other content management applications.

HostMonster Speed and Security

HostMonster provides top-notch security and speed. They have a two-factor (2FA) identity authentication. An authentication code is provided in addition to the access password to each and every user.

HostMonster Features

Live Demo

A live demo is accessible at the company’s site. This is great if you need to familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of their products.

HostMonster Webmail

The HostMonster webmail login page can be accessed by typing yourDomainName/webmail, which would redirect you to the secure webmail login page.

HostMonster email settings are simple and easy to follow. All the necessary configurations can be found in cPanel or in the webmail itself.

There is no limit in the number of mailboxes you can create.

Unlimited disk and add-on domains

HostMonster does not restrict the disk space usage or the number of add-on domains you can have under your plan. Bandwidth is not limited either.

Free domain name for a year

Once you sign up for their services, you can register a domain name for free.

Money back guarantee

If clients are not happy with the service, within the first 30 days of service the company can reimburse them fully.

HostMonster Pros and Cons

HostMonster has three main advantages:

  1. The website builder is very functional. It has many options of themes to choose from and can embed easily a ton of features: images, videos, payment gateways, etc. The template designs are modern and attractive. With the drag-and-drop navigation you can edit them fully.
  2. Excellent support team.
  3. The shared hosting plans include many features and don’t restrict hard disk space, bandwidth or the number of mailboxes.

On the other hand, the company also has its disadvantages.

  1. Their plans aren’t the most economic options; then again, they scale excellently.
  2. The main website of HostMonster is very basic and sometimes hard to navigate.
  3. The HostMonster forum is a poor source of helpful information.

Many HostMonster reviews agree that this web hosting company adapts easily to the requirements of its clients. The site builder templates are modern and compatible with other external sites.

Other than that, you can rely on their excellent support team at any time, which really gives a peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Does HostMonster provide a domain registration?

Yes, for one year.

* How do I understand how HostMonster hosting works?

There is a demo.

* How do I redeem the HostMonster coupon?

Upon purchasing reach out to their support team and explain that you have a coupon that needs to be redeemed.





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    Green the Geniuz

    Yea been using hostmonster since ’09.

    how satisfied you were — No complaints, would recommend

    how easy it was to use — Easy to navigate, simple UI, Cpanel has basic functions to control all aspects of site.

    the uptime — Only down twice in the past 7years, for only a hour or so,

    speed integrations — Pretty fast server, sometimes theres a lag in wordpress built sites

    Cpanel tech — Comparable to Godaddy or any overly used host.

    Customer support — usually available and able to help

    Pricing – Not too expensive but also not the cheapest, especially having been a client for so long, their discounts suck.


    Been using Hostmonster since 2007.
    Was good back in the day and still decent.
    Some major issues from time to time with access… but seems random and sporatic. Maybe 2x a year for a couple days.
    Prices seems to go up every year.
    Better value other places. Especially in 2017 as the industry changes.


    Was good back in the day and still decent.
    Some major issues from time to time with access… but seems random and sporadic. Maybe 2x a year for a couple days.
    Prices seems to go up every year.
    Better value other places. Especially in 2017 as the industry changes.
    There is a lag in word-press built sites and the speed good as it was in the past.

    Abraham Quiros

    Your Service is excellent, i don’t have any complaint about it. Thanks for you support Service, etc.


    Was a good cheap host with plenty of room and resources most of the time. Speeds were a bit slow sometimes but was OK most of the time. I stopped using them after getting a renewal bill that was totally not worth it.

    Alejandro Feiges

    Hostmonster service is good and reliable for average web sites using wordpress or similar platforms.

    Ann Waters

    I’ve been hosting my personal websites with Hostmonster for the past 10 years. Their customer service has always been good and any issues I’ve raised have always been dealt with. When I started a new job web developing, I also used hostmonster to host the companies websites.

    Natalie Medina

    We are FUNDACION AMANECERES, an NGO in Panama, Central America. We are happy with HostMonster. We have our web page with that host since 2010. It has been easy to use, easy to navigate, the price is good. I dont have any complains.

    Brandon Allen

    I used Hostmonster for 6 years. Overall I had a good exeperience with them. Their customer service was responsive and extremely helpful. There is a slight learning curve to navigation but is pretty easy to learn. If you are looking for cost effective and reliable hosting, Hostmonster would be a solid choice.

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