You want to run a business and remain friendly to the society? You do not want your business to be a source of the already problematic global warming? You don’t want your business to sap energy meant everyone to yourself? Then think GreenGeek!

In this Greeengeeks reviews, you would get to know why GreenGeeks is the best host.

First of all, what is GreenGeeks and why do we conducting the GreenGeeks review? GreenGeeks is a web hosting service unlike others, they utilizes renewable resources such as wind, solar and many other renewable source to keep your website running. This is so necessary because it helps in reducing the amount of carbon to the entire population. This is what makes the GreenGeeks host company an eco-friendly web host.

That is not all about GreenGeeks. One other reason why we are conducting the GreenGeeks review, is to point to web users the popularity that is currently wadding the company. As I write, they have served more than 35,000 customer; hosted more than 300 thousand website; recycled over 615,000 KWH yearly; reliable veterans as their management team; all these they are just 9 years old in business.

GreenGeeks App Hosting

GreenGeeks has a greengeeks wiki app hosting plans, which ranges from managed wordpress hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla hosting, and Eco-friendly Cpanel web hosting.

Their managed wordpress hosting is all-inclusive, fast, secure and reliable. WordPress is the most useful platform for bloggers and theirs is easy to use. Their wordpress hosting has the following features:

  • Unlimited web space and data transfer
  • Free 1 click wordpress install
  • Free wordpress migration
  • Free domain blazing fast SSD RAID-10 storage
  • Free enhanced security
  • All time, and real time support
  • 99.9% service uptime
  • $3.95

Drupal is also a good platform used by some webstars, it also contain all the features of wordpress. It cost $3.95/month.

Joomla which is one of the popular platform for ecommerce website is also offered by GreenGeeks and it cost still around $3.95/month

The GreenGeeks Cpanel is one off as it includes additional tools such as CDN, SEO, spam protection and more still the same price as others.

GreenGeeks Website Builder

GreenGeeks has a website builder with more than 100 fully customizable templates, which are available in many categories. Their website builder, helps you to build full SEO friendly and responsive website without any knowledge of website design nor development.

Their website builder has great features such as the drag and drop. With the drag and drop, it becomes easy to represent your thoughts into reality. Because it has eliminated the herculean task of going through the basics of writing codes.

Their website builder is mobile friendly. This means, you can login to your c-panel any time on the go and continue designing from where you stopped. There are other features that this website builder has. You can integrated payment method to your website with their website builder, making it a good builder for ecommerce website.

GreenGeeks Data Centers

GreenGeeks web host has a clean and reliable and well planned data centers in strategic places in the United States. Their data centers are equipped with raised floors, climate control, real time security, fire suppression systems, water, smoke, and gas detection systems, UPS and generators to ensure an entire strategic positioning in a way that data insecurity becomes impossible.

Their data centers includes:

  • Chicago, US.
  • Phoenix, US.
  • Toronto, CA
  • Amsterdan, NL

These data centers are fully audited with highly sophisticated robust safety equipments so there is no need for fear of data insecurity.

GreenGeeks Uptime

GreenGeeks has an uptime of 99.99%. Just like it every other host would promise, here in GreenGeeks it seems to be what they promise is what is being delivered. The .1% off time I can barely feel this is somewhat a form politically correct, otherwise I feel they should have written 100% uptime.

To show that what they wrote is what they practice, they have a link where you can monitor your websites uptime you can see that from here

GreenGeeks C-panel

GreenGeeks Cpanel is more a simplified cpanel just like you would give command on msword, or browse any other website by simple click, that is how the GreenGeeks cpanel works. It is easy and does not require any programming language inorder to use it, it support almost everything you could thing of with a cpanel

GreenGeeks Supports

GreenGeeks has a 24/7/365 full time support in the US with no time restriction. In case your issues doesn’t warrant contacting support, they have support such as live chat, phone real time support, and a knowledgebase. You may need to visit their knowledge, there you will have access to their FAQ and myriad of useful articles.

GreenGeeks Apps

GreenGeeks host has support for almost every essential apps for website building, design, optimization, and content development. One basic content development app that GreenGeeks has is their Greengeeks WordPress.

GreenGeeks Speed and Security

GreenGeeeks has a great speed that seem they are ahead of the competition. They have great features that eliminate bugs as much as possible. With their solid state Drive RAID-10 storage Array’s together with the latest PHP7, including their built-in Caching that will leave your website free of unnecessary cache, and CDN and more other features, which guarantees a fest website are all present with the GreenGeek web hosting service.

GreenGeeks Features 

Apart from other GreenGeeks features, it has additional features such as the GreenGeeks coupon. Apart from that, other GreenGeeks features includes:

  • Backups
  • Unlimited databases
  • Coupons
  • Webmail’s
GreenGeeks Pros and Cons

GreenGeeks undoubtedly lives up to its name by leading the hosting industry as a green web hosting. As earlier described, they offer quality service that is all-inclusive, which enables you to host multiple websites with great tools such as SEO with great apps.

However, for objectivity, I would love to look at some good and backdrops that comes with this hosting service.



Free Domain name for Life as much as your hosting plan remains alive.

No additional Speed optimization

Unlimited number of domain by a single user

Standard 30 day money back guarantee

Unlimited web space, email, and data transfer

Still on the B+ rating


In conclusion, GreenGeeks web hosting is superb because it offers an all-inclusive hosting package. Looking at how long they have been in business, scoring them 100/100 becomes possible especially when compared with competitors such as Godaddy which started business 20 years ago and is almost in a stiff competition with GreenGeeks that is just 8 years old in business.

The pricing is fair, their $3.9 plan is fairly cheaper than that of Godaddy which is almost a dollar higher than GreenGeeks.  When looking at GreenGeeks reviews by customers, you would agree that if its this superb at this early stage, with economics of scale there is possibility to compete with the price of iPage even with a more sophisticated offering.

On the other hand, if we take a look at the long term cost, it seem GreenGeeks is even cheaper than iPage only that iPage offers beginners with low budget a great start. So I feel GreenGeek is should be the order of the day. However if your budget is so low you can start with iPage then as you grow you migrate for free to GreenGeeks. But why not join the world to fight carbon emission by hosting with GreenGeek?


Some major GreenGeeks resaller reviews often asked the following questions

how does

  • GreenGeeks measure with Siteground? GreenGeeks Vs. Siteground
  • GreenGeeks measure with Godaddy? GreenGeeks Vs. Godaddy
  • GreenGeeks measure with Bluehost GreenGeek Vs. Bluehost














$4.99 – $7.99

$3.49 – $13.95

Hosting Interface










Full refund period

30 days

30 days

30 days

Anytime money back guarantee

Free domain name period

For life with plan

For 1 year only


For 1 year

One selling point for the GreenGeeks to other web host servers is with their green web hosting option which seems impossible to find elsewhere. In addition to that, their offering offers a lots of competitive strategy that one become well off settling with them. Because when looked at from cost, although they have a competitive price, on the long run they become cheaper than other hosting service.



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