FatCow was established as far back as 1998 and quickly became very popular by offering its web hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses. Like HostGator, BlueHost, iPage, A Small Orange, and many other big and small web hosting companies, it is also now owned and managed by Endurance International Group (EIG


Like we mentioned, FatCow became popular by offering inexpensive web hosting services to beginners and DIY website owners. The company offers a full spectrum website hosting services – from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Like most other renowned web hosting companies, FatCow also provides website builder, email, 24-hour support, 30-day money back guarantee and other services that are related to web hosting.

Data Centers:

FatCow pride itself on being a green web hosting company. The implication of this is that their data centers and offices are powered purely by wind energy. The company has 2 spacious data centers located in Boston, MA. The two data centers combined have over 800 servers and half a Petabyte storage capacity. The company also maintains a network infrastructure that includes a pooled server environment. This infrastructure makes it possible for website owners to enjoy faster loading time and low latency rate.

The company’s front-end infrastructure is made up of dual redundant M71 routers and 2 firewalls with IDP technology. The facility is always under constant security surveillance.


FatCow General Information:

♣    Website URL:

♣    Address: 70 Blanchard Road, 3rd Floor, Burlington, MA 01803, USA.

♣    Sales Phone Number: +1 866 544 9343 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST)

♣    Support Phone Number: +1 888 278 9780

♣    E-mail: support [at]


FatCow Hosting Plans Review

FatCow provides their customers with inexpensive eco-friendly hosting. The company claims to be a shared web hosting company for personal and business websites.  You can choose from options such as Original FatCow, WordPress Blog, VPS Service, and Dedicated Servers when you want to host your website on FatCow

Original FatCow (Shared Hosting)

FatCow Shared Hosting plan which is known as Original FatCow comes at It has the following features:

Price $49/year
Setup Fees Free
Domain Name 1 Free (first year only)
Money-Back Guarantee 30 Days
Website Builder Yes
Web Analytics Tools Yes
FTP Access Yes
Disk Space Oodles (Unlimited)
Bandwidth Oodles (Unlimited)
Domains Per Account Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited
Ecommerce Features Yes

WordPress Hosting

The company also has WordPress Hosting Plan for WordPress users. The features include

Feature WP Starter WP Essential
Price $3.75/mo $6.95/mo
Core Hosting Plan Yes Yes
Customized Control Panel Yes Yes
Pre-installed Themes and Plugins Yes Yes
Super Speed No Yes
Enhanced Security Yes Yes
Support Standard WP Experts

VPS Hosting

FatCow also offers VPS Hosting services which have three plans below. The pricing for FatCow VPS Hosting starts from $19.99/mo

Features Basic Business Optimum
Price $19.99/mo $47.99/mo $79.99/mo
Cores 1 2 4
Storage 40GB 90GB 120GB
Bandwidth 1TB 3TB 4TB

Dedicated Hosting

The final hosting plan by FatCow is Dedicated Hosting Plan; it has 3 plans which include:

Feature Startup Professional Enterprise
Price $119.99/mo $151.99/mo $191.99/mo
Cores 2 4 4
Storage 500GB 1000GB 1000GB
Bandwidth 5TB 10Tb 15TB
Uptime Reliability

The company, no doubt, has one of the strongest uptime records in the industry. Concerning uptime, FatCow has been averaging 99.85% – 99.9% for the past few years. This is good, considering that no website hosting company will guarantee 100% uptime. However, FatCow recorded a 100% uptime in March 2016.

There has never been a significant crash in their 19 years existence which gives us confidence that the company is reliable regarding uptime.


FatCow offers security features similar to those of other web hosting companies. They provide a regular website backup and can recover your website in case of an attack. Additionally, you can enjoy the shared secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption offered by the company for eCommerce owners.  However, FatCow lacks an SSH, secure shell, a protocol that provides added security for data transferred over the internet.

Control Panel

FatCow has easy to use control panel for both beginners and experienced users. Their VDesk control panel allows you to do the all required functions on the back end of your website.  Just by using your Cpanel login the FatCow provides, when you buy a hosting package, you will be able to install open source applications like

WordPress, Gallery2, PhpBB and much more on your website. The control panel also supports eCommerce services such as shopping cart and PayPal integration.

If you are completely new to website hosting world, a couple of basic Cpanel introduction videos will make it all easy


FatCow provides support through phone, live chat and you can send them an email about your issues. A test of their live chat support system shows that the average wait time is around 13 minutes. Compared to other hosts, this is not an impressive number.

Regarding solutions for the issues you might face,  if you have enough patience to wait in their long queues, most of the basic issues will be solved in one go.


Considering the features, pricing, reliability, FatCow without a doubt, is one of the good website hosting companies. With my experience of using shared hosting both on iPage and Fatcow, I feel they both are pretty much the same with all the features, reliability and user experience. Even with customer support, they are so much similar that, in some situations, I felt like both companies use same support team.

For the kind of service they provide, they are pretty inexpensive compared to other hosting providers. But when compared with Ipage hosting with prices, they are bit more costly.  So, If I am forced to choose between iPage vs Fatcow for shared hosting, I would rather choose iPage hosting.


♣    Offers unlimited bandwidth and space with no usage limits

♣    No setup fees

♣    1 free domain name

♣    Fast and secure servers

♣    Reliable servers

♣    Very affordable plans

♣    Eco-friendly

♣    Comes with Drag-n-Drop Website Builder

♣    30-Days money back guarantee

♣    Offers PHP5 web hosting support and unlimited MySQL databases

♣    Offers 24/7 customer support


♣    Lacks some necessary security protocols like SSH

♣    Expensive when you are selecting a long-term plan

♣    Long waiting time to get hold of customer support on Live Chat



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    David J

    Fatcow has been a game changer for my many ideas. Their hosting platform has made it easy to host multiple websites and their MOJO Marketplace has easy, single-click-installations for WordPress, Open Cart, and many others. They have very descriptive online guides for adding email to your phone/mobile device. Support is always helpful – to be fair – I feel like their support agents have multiple chat windows open, so sometimes there’s a slight delay in response, but they’ve always resolved my issue on first contact, so I give their support 5 stars as well. If you’re trying to get your next big idea on the web and have limited funds to do it, Fatcow is the way to go. I’ve used two other hosting services, and this is by far the best in my opinion.

    Dan L

    I give them 5-stars based soley on their customer support. I personally don’t run very complex, high traffic sites. But occasionally when I am tinkering around something goes off the rails and every time I’ve needed help both on the phone and via email – the people you talk to know what they are talking about and if for some reason its over their head, they will get it into the hands of someone who can handle it and fast.

    If nothing else, FatCow support is a worth decision making point.


    I have been a webmaster for more than 20 years. I manage several webpages and have been using FatCow to host all of my websites. I highly recommend them as a versatile and reliable host for any kind of website.

    Dan Hankner

    I’m not overly tech savvy, and my website needs are minimal and basic. Fatcow is relatively inexpensive, and is fairly easy to use and build a website, although some of the site navigation could be cleaned up a little. My only real complaint is that the email service that it came with was garbage. I’ve had numerous customers email me, and their emails were never received, and vice versa, so who knows how much business I lost in the short time that that was set up? After that initial discovery, I had a friend of mine (who is tech savvy) reroute all that, keeping my same email address but now going through Gmail. I haven’t had a problem with that, although it’s another $50 I have to pay per year. Had I been able to foresee these problems, I would’ve went with another web hosting provider, but since I’m past all that, I remain with them.


    I host my site on Fatcow, and I am very content with the service. I don’t take advantage of the full scope of what Fatcow has to offer, but they have been as reliable as a utility that you take for granted for over a decade now. I don’t use my site for much, as it was built in Flash ten years ago and needs to be rebuilt. But I know it’s there, which is nice.

    On the rare occasion I have had any issues, (usually of my own making) someone was always there to help me get it sorted out quickly on the first try. I have recommended Fatcow to my associates, but I’ve never been able to score that referral bonus. I’m not a good salesman, but I am a happy customer.

    This is all true, but I am writing this review because this guy, Karthik, has been emailing me like some kind of crazy ex-girlfriend bugging me to write a review here. So here it is.

    David M

    Pretty solid customer service and competitive pricing. I’ve been a long-time customer of Fatcow. They offer a number of services in one place, which is helpful, and I’ve found that they play well with all the other services I need. The “powered by wind” thing is a bit gimmicky, but I think it’s a nice touch. The backend is a bit messy and could be more user friendly, though. It takes a bit of time to get comfortable navigating, especially if you’re doing a lot through Fatcow. Overall, they are a solid service and offer good value for money.

    Burton Maben

    Very good web hosting. They have improved their customer service experience,

    Cait Maloney

    I was with FatCow for 3 or 4 years. Their pricing is competitive, and their customer service is ok – there were some long wait times to talk to someone, but they answered emails quickly. Toward the end of my time with them I was experiencing a lot of random “down times”, for various reasons – sometimes on FatCow’s end. Ultimately I got a little fed up with it and decided to move to another more reliable host.


    I’ve been with Fatcow now for around 7 years. Maybe longer. Originally started with GoDaddy (garbage), but got tired of email problems and site down problems with them, moved to another host … same story, and ended up at Fatcow. I’ve no complaints since. Never had any major issues, pricing is competitive, support email is usually fast. I think I’ve talked to them on the phone once or twice, was a good experience. I keep all of my domain names there as well. While other registrars might be cheaper on yearly renewals, I just find it easier to have it all in one place, hosting and domains names. No complaints from me. However, if you’re not web savvy … and want to build a website … while Fatcow does have some services available for “click and build” websites, some of the services cost extra. You might be better off using a “click and build” service like Wix. Or something similar.


    I’ve been using FatCow for several years after switching from another provider. I switched because I wanted more options in my website building tools, and I wanted a good customer service support option. I use Weebly via FatCow, which is very easy and intuitive to use. I use FatCow for my own website and also for a site for one of my clients. The costs are competitive and reasonable and FatCow offers a good range of tools and services and their customer service is also very good. I re-routed the email through GMail for simplicity, which was also relatively easy. I have never had any downtime on my site as a result of FatCow hosting.


    At the time i was webmastering for a small company and this seemed like the way to go. It was easy to use when I was first learning how to create a website. I enjoyed that simplicity. It did become more difficult to expand was the site grew because I was connected to a more drag and drop oriented service. The pricing for this was very competitive.


    I had never built and maintained a website. I found fatcow extremely user friendly. First I had to move a domain and was very frustrated. I got on chat support and they got everything fixed. I now have a site for myself and a non-profit.

    Chris R

    I’ve been using Fatcow for a number of years and have never had any problems with website service. Initially I renewed my contract on a yearly basis but the price increased each year. I recently switched to renew every three years, which has made it more cost effective.


    Hello I’ve been using FatCow Web Hosting for number of years. I’ve never had any negative experiences with them. On the few occasions that I’ve had to contact support, they have been helpful and courteous. I highly recommend them.



    This is a great service for a person needing a small site and don’t want to pay through the roof. With a little technical skill you can keep the site running easily. I have no experience with running a more high traffic site so can speak to their needs.


    Pretty good service for a decent price. The control panel is very well built – includes File manager for the website, domain management; basically everything you need to manage your software. The customer service is friendly.


    A very good service, fast and helpful customer service suport and good prices,


    Fatcow is a great web host. They keep the software up-to-date and make it amenable to installations and management of different web applications and sites. Their service is pretty good as well.


    Fatcow provided the perfect platform with easy to use, design and redesign functionality. The templates options are clean and professional. For the price and options Fatcow are leaders of the pack.

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