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FastComet is a web hosting service for private and business clients. They’ve been around for more than 7 years now.

They offer an SSD cloud hosting solution, maintained in prime condition all around the clock by a rocket-fast support team. All this ranks FastComet services among the most accessible and affordable on the web hosting stage.

According to FastComet reviews on their site, they give provide their customers with technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

They offer shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, open source hosting, cloud VPS, WordPress and Joomla hosting, SocialEngine hosting and OpenCart hosting.

To ensure that your website performance is exceptional, FastComet carefully select their software and hardware. Their servers run on a high-end Intel SSD drives and the latest E5 processors with at least 32GB of RAM per node. To date, they have over 11,500 clients from 70 countries.

Below you will learn more about FastComet website builder, data centers, uptime, cPanel support, speed and security, features, the pros and cons.

FastComet Website Builder

FastComet have a website builder that enables you to create professional looking websites easily and for free.

Located within cPanel, with this tool you can express yourself digitally with a few simple clicks.

There are many features you will fall in love with. You can select the appropriate theme for your website, drag and drop elements to the desired location and apply numerous customizations. The tutorial will help you build a website in about two hours.

FastComet Data Centers

FastComet runs their services through 7 data centers, and each of them has a power backup, a fire protection system, security and a cooling system to ensure the safety and performance of all hosted websites. These centers are located in:

–       Amsterdam, the Netherlands

–       Chicago, USA

–       Dallas, USA

–       Frankfurt, Germany

–       London, UK

–       Singapore, Asia-Pacific

–       Tokyo, Japan

These data centers provide the following:

–       Security

–       Power redundancy

–       Efficiency

–       Certification

–       Strategic locations

–       High-end physical security

–       Geographical proximity

–       Max power load

Websites hosted with this company load more than fast wherever you are.

FastComet Uptime

FastComet promises 99.9% uptime, and this is a promise that they have kept, according to most of the FastComet reviews.

FastComet cPanel

cPanel is the most reliable and powerful web hosting control panel in existence. It comes with many features for beginners and experienced webmasters.

You can easily use the cPanel interface by point-and-click, controlling over 150 applications, email accounts, files and databases without the need of installing any additional third party software.

FastComet site manager allows you to manage accounts, billing and orders from anywhere, anytime.  

Special features in cPanel include:

–       Easy install of the best CRMs such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress

–       SEO and marketing tools

–       Unlimited mail accounts

–       Backup and restore wizard

–       Security

–       Mobile friendly support

cPanel is accessible to all as it supports different languages, hence making it an extremely user-friendly environment.

FastComet Support

FastComet have a 24/7/365 premium support for all your favorite apps through their technical support and expert assistance.

They do offer different support services such as:

–       Free support for more than 250 open source applications including installation, configuration and transfer, enabling you to build a modern, feature-rich and user-friendly website within minutes

–       Module installation service where you get free extensions and modules, installed and configured with the help of their technical support team, removing the need for developer

–       Free upgrade service to update all your extensions, applications and themes; this feature can be requested anytime when a new version is released

–       Free malware/virus removal and security audit services to keep your website and emails safe; this is achieved by maintaining and regularly updating an advanced in-house web application firewalls to protect your website from all known threats;

–       24/7/365 human monitoring service for excellent performance, uninterrupted uptime and prevention of 99% of the common web hosting issues.

FastComet invests a lot in their employees, as every customer representative undergoes three months of extensive training on various technologies.

Their dedicated DevOps team is always ready to deal with any technical or infrastructure issues before they can affect your website performance and accessibility.

They have a 24/7 live chat customer care team, who manage to answer all ticket inquiries within 10 minutes or less.

FastComet support team have expert knowledge. This is evident in the numerous free expert text and video tutorials made to help you get started and become versed in all web hosting secrets. If you don’t get what you are looking for or need additional information, you can request a new tutorial from them.

FastComet Speed and Security

FastComet ensures an excellent global content delivery with free CloudFlare CDN on all hosting plans. You can enjoy a 300% better database and files performance thanks to the SSD storage.

Every hosting account has a completely isolated but not limited dedicated environment. For better performance optimization, you get professional advice on how to improve your website’s performance on GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed Insights.

Your website is safe and is hack-free, because it is protected by a web application firewall optimized for WordPress, Magento and Joomla, amongst others. It stops attacks from the network edge, ensuring protections from 99% of the known security threats.

FastComet Features

–       Free beautiful, responsive templates for Magento, Joomla, OpenCart and more

–       A large number of extra services to help you boost your website

–       Extensive and free expert-made tutorials to help you get started

–       Free template installations for your website

–       Free website transfer, optimization and security services

–       Free lifetime domain hosting registrations where you don’t have to pay renewal fees

–       Low pricing compared to other hosting providers

–       A free one-year GlobalSign SSL certificate on a single website and it is always free for ecommerce platforms

–       Automated daily and weekly backups for all clients’ databases, emails and files to an independent storage array and free restoration from a snapshot in case anything goes wrong

Their services have no additional charges or hidden fees, and you can renew your plan at the same price you signed up for.  If you are unhappy with the service offered, you can cancel your contract without any extra charges. A 45-day money guarantee promises full refund within the first month and a half.


–       Your website speed is super fast because they use SSD drives to improve website speed by 300%.

–       FastComet deploys five-layer caching mechanisms: Varnish cache, Google Pagespeed, PHP 7 with APC and Optimum Cache, CloudFlare CDN Caching and Memcached. Most other hosting providers have maximum three.

–       Their support can help with SEO and additional speed optimization.


–       No Ruby on Rails.

–       Refunds can be delayed.


FastComet is a web hosting worth its money. Compared to other web hosting service providers, the list of services is pretty decent.

FastComet reviews rate it at 5/5 in speed.

I would recommend it to any start-up or medium websites. It is also good for those who want to start an online business. They have many excellent and enticing features that will keep you coming back to them as your preferred web hosting provider.


What payment methods are available?

FastComet accepts payments through Visa, Amex, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal.

Do I get rewarded for any referrals?

Yes, you do. The affiliate program rewards you when you recommend FastComet services to anyone else.  You will earn up to $150 in commissions by simply sharing their link or by advertising their services and people do sign up.

Does FastComet support WordPress?

Yes, it does. It also has hosting plans specifically tailored for WordPress hosting.




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