Swim in the DigitalOcean of Advanced Cloud Computing

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider, who helps developers deploy advanced solutions on a global scale.

For its price category, each plan is feature-rich and easy to configure. Offering very essential services, namely VPS’s in the cloud and DNS management, DigitalOcean flourishes in being a comprehensive cloud hosting service.

Boasting integrity and cost-effectiveness, many businesses find DigitalOcean’s hosting plans a path to success, mainly thanks to their low-priced products and services, but also the high-performance virtual machines that grow with your business.

DigitalOcean’s servers come with extra fast Solid State Drives, providing exceptional speed and performance to all hosted websites and applications. The cloud servers are always online and can be tailored efficiently in a minute or less.

DigitalOcean has an active user community, comprised mainly of developers. Pages by users are frequently updated and constantly moderated. Information, tutorials, and Q&As are easily accessible. DigitalOcean themselves publish extensive and detailed documentation on numerous topics.

DigitalOceans Data Centers

DigitalOcean has its own data centers. Recently, they started building a new data center in Bangalore, India.

As of December 2015, DigitalOcean ranks number two in the world in terms of web-facing computers.

With many data centers available around the world, developers can choose the closest location for shorter response times. Currently, the company has data centers in Europe, Asia, America, Singapore; given its expansion rates, all continents will be covered soon.

DigitalOcean Review Features

You can use DigitalOcean’s powerful setup to create multiple virtual server environments called “droplets.” Their software facilitates faster deployment, development and faster load times.

  • Instantly create a virtual private server running the OS you want
  • Start a VPS with a preconfigured web app
  • Select from servers in San Francisco, Toronto, New York City, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore
  • Redirect traffic with floating IP addresses
  • Maintain servers through dashboard or API
  • Pay for servers per hour used
DigitalOcean Uptime

Their reasonably priced SSD virtual servers perform very well, the support is great, the network uptime is nigh perfect and their API is easy to work with.

DigitalOcean has set up multiple data centers, strategically located in America, Europe and Asia, to provide 100% uptime and excellent speed to their clients.

Their data centers have an effective security system and are monitored 24/7 by the staff and proactive monitoring systems. The data centers can endure extreme weather conditions. Every center is redundant, fully capable of providing backup in case of power failure. They continually backup all data.

In the event of any downtime, they compensate the website owner by refunding a certain amount depending on the duration of downtime. This explains their dedication towards customer satisfaction and confidence in their service.

DigitalOcean cPanel

By default, DigitalOcean does not deploy the popular cPanel in their environment, even though cPanel doesn’t require a steep learning curve for the end user. It is fairly easy to navigate, but setting up a complete server configuration requires a decent amount of knowledge.

It could be installed but what the company offers is their own service manager. ServerPilot was built from the ground up as a control panel for DigitalOcean. Their service provides you with the perfect control panel to host websites on VPS.

With ServerPilot, your servers are immediately secured and configured for hosting numerous apps. It makes it really easy to host many websites on each server, manage databases, deploy SSLs and everything needed to create a full hosting package.

DigitalOcean Support

DigitalOcean support is very quick and attentive. When I tested them for this DigitalOcean review, it took them mere minutes to answer my questions. Their reply time on “normal priority” support tickets is around 14 minutes on average.

Pretty impressive.

Indeed, they do not have a contact number, which could be a bummer. You might not have a problem with this, but I love phone support and live chat.

On the other hand, I checked a few DigitalOcean tutorials and I have to say that DO have an excellent knowledge base.

Their service is great, they are very active on Twitter and they take their clients seriously.

DigitalOcean Apps

DigitalOcean strives to offer the best of all worlds with its simple VPS hosting.

It incorporates pre-configured web app photos for a taste of shared hosting’s simplicity, per-hour pricing for cloud computing services, while you can still run the Linux distro and software you want on a VPS.

And it’s cheap enough to comfortably start a test server for a new site whenever you want. Once you own a DigitalOcean account, you can build a new VPS — or Droplet as they’re called in DigitalOcean — in a few moments.

First, select the distribution you’d like, from a number of new releases of Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian, Fedora, CoreOS and CentOS, then choose the size of Droplet you require and where you’d like it positioned.

DigitalOcean runs 11 datacenters in New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Frankfurt and Toronto (and a new one in India under construction), so you can choose the closest one. Finally, you can adjust additional networking settings, add a name and DigitalOcean will have your Droplet ready to use minutes later.

All you’ll have to do then is SSH in and start setting up the software your site or app needs.

DigitalOcean Speed and Security

When you get a DigitalOcean Droplet, you can upload your personal SSH public key or they can e-mail you a basic password. Certainly, the latter choice is less secured.

If you’re on Windows, you can apply PuTTYGen to produce a public/private key pair. Once you’ve generated the key pair, all you need to do is copy and paste the OpenSSH public key into the window, assign it a name, and you’re good to go!

DigitalOcean Features

So far, this DigitalOcean review has pointed out the following key features:

  • Quickly create a virtual private server with the OS of your choice
  • Begin a VPS with a preconfigured set of web apps
  • Choose from servers in San Francisco, New York City, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore
  • Redirect traffic with floating IP addresses
  • Maintain servers through dashboard or API
  • Pay for servers per hour used
  • Suggestion ‘Increase Security’ Extra feature option for Droplets
  • Discount $11 on average with a DigitalOcean promo code or coupon
DigitalOcean Pros & Cons

There are very good reasons to consider DigitalOcean as your cloud service provider. Here are some of their top selling points from my personal experience. If you want a simple VPS provider, I am not aware of anyone who’s better than DigitalOcean currently.


  •          Incredibly low-cost barrier to enter
  •          Simple payment methods (credit card or PayPal)
  •          Flexible billing
  •          A huge array of apps
  •          Excellent support
  •          Very rich knowledge base
  •          Data centers around the world


While DigitalOcean is a superb service, they are not quite perfect.

If I had to be picky, I’d say the following can be restrictive. However, note that this doesn’t detract much from the core, quality service that they provide. For the sake of a balanced DigitalOcean review, here is one of the blemishes on their otherwise superb service:

  • Their platform can run Windows servers but with some limitations, as it is optimized for Linux
Review Conclusion

There are lots of other VPS services out there, but DigitalOcean seems to take pride in designing great customer experience at a competitive price!

Moreover, they invest a lot of resources in developing incredibly detailed guides on how to perform various software installations and configurations. Many DigitalOcean reviews mention how end users benefit from these resources on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a great cloud computing solution to run a website or a hosting service, look no further as DigitalOcean has everything covered in depth.

  •    What benefits does an SSD cloud server have?

DigitalOcean users can have their own cloud server spun up and active in 55 seconds. Every VPS comes with full root access, a choice of operating systems and the capacity to customize the setup.

  •    What advantages does an SSD cloud server have over a dedicated server?

DigitalOcean allows on the fly scaling, a much more arduous task on a dedicated physical box. Adjusting the amount of RAM on a VPS can be done with a simple reboot, while increasing the disk size takes less than an hour. The same process can take hours or days with a dedicated machine.

  •    The rates are awesomely low! Does DigitalOcean earn a profit?

They are able to generate enough profit to keep the lights on.

  •    Does DigitalOcean have a referral program?

Yes, they do! Clients can refer their friends and earn $25 in account credits or payouts.

What form of payment methods do DigitalOcean accept?

They accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal.





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    Ashiq Uz Zoha

    I have been using Digital Ocean Droplets more than 3 years for my development tasks and a few Production purposes as well. Their service is really good in this very affordable price range. I would like to point out a few positive things:

    1. Server uptime is great.
    2. Very fast internet connection, different development packages & tools installs very fast.
    3. Very good documentation and support community.


    We used multiple hosts from DigitalOcean for over 2 years in production.
    digitalocean provide many good features like snapshots/backup/up-scale/down-scale.
    We also liked their support articles very much.
    Pricing wise they are very competitive, much cheaper than AWS for sure, though they started charging for snapshots recently 🙂

    Arief Hidayatulloh

    Digital ocean is cheap an durable. Fast to develop server. Build in installed OS is great.

    Atinder Singh

    I have been using digital ocean for more than 3 years now, service is really good, easy to spin new server in few minutes, customer support is fast.
    Although $5 droplet isn’t of much use. Good for playing around only.

    Azeem Cv

    I havent used another service. So I dont know much about another VPS. I think no other services provides servers for $5.

    $5 servers are very good if you know how to setup nginx with it. It is too low on resource to host an apache server. Once you know how to configure popular services like wordpress to configure with nginx you are good to go.

    Uptime is very good. I check it and it is 100% most of the months. Some months I get downtime for 5 mins (1 or 2 times atmost).

    Very good customer service. Prompt response. And they help resetting server and all.

    I got one T-Shirt as swag and another shirt is on the way. 🙂


    My experience using Digital Ocean is awesome.
    Here are some points that I can share with you:

    1. UX Dashboard is very good. It’s easy to understand and has a good design

    2. If i search for any tutorial about how to do something to my droplet, it’s very easy to googling it.
    So many tutorial in search result

    3. They also have a good payment plan. I can pay it as i need.

    Steve Anlorn

    We choose DigitalOcean because they offer a very good server specification with a low price tag.
    The process until we can get full working server is straight forward.
    If we do not know how to set it up, they offer one click install which really helpful for us.

    They have very good tutorial and community to help almost every our problems.
    They also have a very responsive customer service.

    However, as I know, there is no notification alert of server usage. When our application bandwidth is reach the limit, in our case the web server and database server will be shut down so we need to restart it manually.
    There is no dynamic scaling, so we need to manually upscale the package. The downside is that we can not move to lower package.

    Overall, we recommend DigitalOcean for you who are looking for a cheaper alternative to AWS or Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.
    Yes DigitalOcean does not have all the features like the other cloud provider, but it is a good place as a starter.


    We here at Pando Dev LOVE Digital Ocean. We love the price, the features and most of all the simplicity. I also love the scaling factor and they are adding new features quarterly. It would be nice if the hard drive space could scale back but I also understand the reasons why it doesn’t. I like DO WAY BETTER than AWS and hope they offer Windows Servers soon and an S3 type service. If they do, I’ll drop AWS completely.

    Doguhan Uluca

    I’m hosting 3 sites in a $10 instance, with room to spare, using Ubuntu, Docker and Node. The support documents and articles are one of the most valuable assets of the site; they’re practical, to the point and accurate. It helped numerous times to quickly setup something new that I wasn’t familiar with.


    I don’t use it very actively but I don’t remember I have faced so much problems. Once I got help from one of their documentations about setting up NAT in their servers. I like to see such helper documentations.

    Alessandro Scherer

    I’ve been a Digital customer for about 4 years.
    Last week they simply blocked access to external SMTP servers.

    After I opened the ticket it took almost 3 days to release again the sending of emails.

    These blockages, and this delay in care, are becoming insecure.

    Ahmad jauhar

    I made website both free and paid hosting and used DO for several years. When i used DO there are several reasons but the most important is money values…right prices right performance…usually made 5$ or 10$ droplet each of website.

    Arindo Duque

    I’m hosting my development and production sites on Digital Ocean for 3 years now and I can’t complain. Other than one major incident with their oceanic cables (which was not their fault and they worked really hard to fix as soon as possible), uptime is great. Their support used to be better but still manages to solve issues in a reasonable amount of time.

    Andrei G – Sysadmin IntelligentBee

    IntelligentBee, a company offering custom software, web and mobile apps development services, chose Digital Ocean as their hosting provider. And we are so happy with it that we recommend it to our clients too.
    Prices are very competitive, quality is really high. Their SLA for example is 99,99%. They call their virtual servers “droplets” and they categorize these as standard, high CPU and high memory. Their pricing plan is really easy to understand.
    Droplets come with great flexibility and this is one of the strong points of Digital Ocean. You get charged hourly for your droplets/add-ons and not monthly. The price range for standard droplets is 5$-640$.
    You can add storage volumes to your droplets at any time with 10$/100GB/month billed hourly too. You can opt for automated backups for 20% of the cost of the machine. You can take Snapshots even with machine running for 0,005/GB/month.
    Snapshots function well as a rollback point. But you can also spin up another droplet from a Snapshot, creating a exact copy of current one but with a different machine IP. This is very useful, for example if you want a better machine for your app, or a machine to use used for testing. We also used this to create second backend server for load balancer.
    Other services they offer:
    – Simple to deploy, setup and run load balancers
    – Floating IPS – easyto switch all trafic between 2 load balancers
    – Firewalls
    – DNS manager
    – Private networking – fast host-to-host comunication (nginx to backends, database replication, file storage and so forth)
    – Natively integrated monitoring

    And let us not forget about their tutorial pages. Easy to understand and straight forward for almost anything you need on your droplets.

    Gagan Kamboj

    I used the digital ocean for around 6 months and in this time period, i came to know that DO is much better than my previous hosting service provider. After migrating to digital ocean my site speed increases from 6 sec to 2 seconds due to their highly optimized servers. Though they are expensive as compared to some hosting providers but worth it.

    The only problem is if anyone is not much into technical things then it is difficult to manage. you have to hire someone to manage the droplet for you which can cost some extra bucks. other than this DO is awesome.

    Devin Rose

    I host two sites on my Digital Ocean droplet, both are WordPress. I ran into challenges finding the right Digital Ocean documentation for setting up WordPress because they have several versions of the doc pages depending on which version of Ubuntu you are running on your DO server, etc.

    I have the $10 per month droplet and pay the extra $2 for them to backup the whole thing once per week. I run a mail server to forward emails sent to one of my domains to my main email address. Overall the service and uptime have been good.

    Alexei Raiu

    I have been a user of DigitalOcean for about 5 years now. I am currently using it for my site and the sites of the company where I work. About 10 sites in total. My impressions of DigitalOcean are very favorable. I have never had a downtime within those 10 years, have never had any hardware failures or losses. The performance has always been very satisfactory, never had any complaints about the file system, mysql, or cpu performance. I would certainly recommend it for small businesses that want to have performant server instances without much hassle.

    In my experience, the D.O. performance is times and times better than the declared similar specs performance on Hostgator more expensive VPS hosting plans. Recently, I moved some of our larger clients form Hostgator Snappy packages to DigitalOcean servers that were in each case about 2 times weaker as far as RAM and CPU cores go. However, even then, the switched sites perform much better with DigitalOcean, and the difference in prices have made the switch about 20-30 times performance/price wise (something like requests per second per dollar comparison).


    I originally thought that the learning curve for Digital Ocean would be massive seeing I’ve always used managed hosting. And I was concerned about losing hosting support at the same time. I had some new learning to do of course which I embraced, but I was so pleased that in the end the learning curve was very gentle indeed. I thought I would spend my day in terminal typing in Linux commands but I found a solution that makes Digital Ocean more perfect than perfect and that was to partner it with ServerPilot. With these two perfect partner systems I only need to use the command line to zip and unzip files all because I like to use Filezilla as my FTP program which does not have this function. Other FTP programs have zip/unzip functions so if you used them you would not need to go into the command line.

    Digital Ocean is touted as a developer platform by most and while of course this is 100% true, it can also be a superb and most powerful platform for non-developers who are a little adventurous in their web hosting choices.

    The documentation support is just amazing! It’s thorough and well indexed by Google. Almost every question you can think of if you type it into Google or their site the answer will come up.

    Price wise vs power : Well forget your top end hosting! I work with clients all the time who want top end hosting because they think they are getting something amazing because they are paying over 60USD per month for hosting, when the reality is they are still on a shared hosting box! All they are paying for is the support which they only use once in a while. Digital Ocean’s 5$ droplet starting price is more than incredible. This single droplet can run easily 5 or 6 low traffic sites without budging the memory or CPU usage above 60%. And what I love the most especially for my clients is the scaleability, within seconds and a few easy mouse clicks you can increase resources and boost CPU and memory. This is more than perfect if a big promotion is underway and the site is getting more hits. After the promotion you can drop your resources down again saving a lot of money!

    Ease of use VS Amazon: Well I once worked on a Amazon system for one client and wow I nearly lost it! Their systems are so complicated and ugly compared to the smooth and well polished systems of Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean for me beats Amazon hands down any day – it’s simple and easy through and through.

    Reliability and uptime: Since I started using Digital Ocean every month I receive a 100% uptime report! Having used shared hosting for years I had not realised it was possible to get 100% !

    Any tips for newbies? Use Digital Ocean with and you can get a new super fast website with SSL up and running in less than an hour. Digital Ocean has it’s own great pre-built options like Apache+MySQL+Wordpress, but ServerPilot can produce a better build using nginx as well as Apache that will rocket fuel your site and allow easy install of SSL and allow easy configuration of multiple sites on one Digital Ocean droplet.

    Deepak Keswani

    Digital Ocean hosting is extremely good, but only for the Tech Experts.
    You can setup your own server with open source linux flavours starting at 5$ per month.
    As you can control every aspect of the instance, it is very powerful, but slightest mistake can also result in hell of issues like spam, hacker attack, crashes.

    Chris Pantazis

    I am perfectly happy with digital ocean. Their web interface provides the necessary tools to help me manage my domains. Their documentation is really awesome. Actually, their documenation is great by two factors. Firstly, they explain all the steps in order to complete the task and secondly they explain why each step is necessary. Somehow I feel like I learn by doing. They have an active community that provides extra help in case it is needed. I also think the pricing scheme is just. I am not thinking of moving my servers in any other place right now or in the future.

    Emiliano Viada

    Basically I use Digital Ocean on personal projects and right now I only have one droplet with Ubuntu. I really like DO for small projects like the personal sites I have hosted there (WordPress and PHP projects). The server is 100% available and fast enough for my needs. Also the dashboard panel to manage your droplets is pretty easy to use and with a nice UI. I totally recommend DO.

    Amethyst Liddell

    DO provides a clean and efficient platform for setting up websites and hosted applications. They use a command line linux server only so customers should be prepared to handle everything that way, but their documentation and efficiency makes it worth it.

    Bagus Prehan

    all this time I use Digital Ocean is very satisfactory. From the service, and installing the webserver is very easy. The affordable price is also one of my considerations using Digital Ocean.


    I think it’s an awesome service, fully customizable, the price its just that you use, If you know what are you doing with the server I think that its the best option, over other services like linode, they have a lot information about what you can do with servers, also its a good place to learn.


    Excellent documentation and support, multifunctional control panel, fast SSD. But there is a payment for backups, if used reasonably, it turns out not expensive.


    For a service that states they are cloud hosting, they don’t let you downsize.
    Wish I knew that before I got one of the biggest servers. Now I can’t downsize and my site only uses a little bandwidth.

    ur001 is my home project. People can play in words associations with “collective intelligence” thereby replenishing the association database. At the moment it is the largest database of Russian words associations collected by hand. It is used by some copyrighters, seo specialists, school teachers and researchers of computer linguistics.

    I like DigitalOcean for its simple, clear, beautiful and friendly interface (especially compared with Amazon) for a reasonable price. I have never had technical difficulties with the infrastructure and problems with the availability of the site through the fault of hosting. However my project is not very demanding on resources. This is not a “high-load”. I’m still using the minimal set of Django / MySQL / memcache and I use only half of the instance resources. I think DigitalOcean is the best cloud hosting for small projects.

    James Doyle

    Digital Ocean offers what other services simply can’t: a better server management experience. They also have the best articles about installing tools and services that I have ever come across.

    Gal Gur-Arie

    I’m using Digital Ocean for over 3 years, using a single Debian VM server and I am very happy.
    I’m using NGNIX web server for hosting a few websites.
    I love the fast response and the ability to install and use every technology that I need for this.

    Adi Gabai

    I’ve been using Digital Ocean services for years, started with a small server for $5 just as a test and fell in-love.
    I love the customer service, uptime, price, documentation and the list goes on. Whether is it is their simplified control panel, their relatively vast feature list or any of their other feature I know it will be very hard to convince me to change a service. Not so long ago I got a reminder of how they value their customer. Whenever they are doing some maintenance that might effect one of the customer servers they let you know plenty of time in advance on the window of times, how to check the status of their work and how long your server might be effected (which is always a matter of few minutes) if at all. It hardly happens but when it does, the service is outstanding. Which is one of the most important thing for me

    Nando Furlan

    I have been using DigitalOcean for 5 years. VPS uptime are very good and stable. For a $ 5 per month you can get a very reliable server (Other VPS like Linode plans start from $ 10), it is an advantage if you are starting a project. The documentation is also very good.


    DigitalOcean is great. Fast scaleable and affordable. Everything just works especially when coupled with ServerPilot. I have never setup WordPress sites so quickly. From domain name to hosting files and the terminal access is a breeze. The support is also pretty tight.

    There really isn’t much more to say, DigitalOcean is the best I’ve seen so far. 🙂


    I have been using their services for 3 year for 3 different website. I never faced any trouble with them.

    unnam sri harsha

    i have been using digital ocean for more than 24 months, all i did was to deligate the task of setting up the droplets and thats it. Its not as easy as cpanel but its more secure than amazon and godaddy and there was only one instance in these 24 months where the servers were down due to some technical issue.

    Israel do Nascimento silva

    I’m a Brazilian, portuguese speaker. I can say, Digital Ocean is the best solution I could find to host my website . It is always online, and it has a great support team! Incredible, it is very cheap! It is worth every penny you spend on Digital Ocean! Flexible, I can adapt my needs on simple clicks! I do recommend it!

    Aniruddha Pimpalkhare

    I have 10 droplets ranging from $5 to $80 per month. Most of them having RoR. I am using DO for couple of years now.


    Digital Ocean’s service is awesome. It is not expensive and offers to its users a wide range of options. Also they have a large number of articles and how-tos to help us.


    I am very happy with DigitalOcean. The uptime is amazing – 99.999% indeed! No problems for 2 years now.
    The only down side is the price. It is costly but it worths it.
    Highly recommend

    Bishnu Dhakal

    I love the Digital Ocean, the way of managing the droplets as well as servers. With the very interest on running multiple websites, I had some bad experiences using the multiple web servers. After screening few reviews, I registered on Digital Ocean and setup my droplets and found very good.


    I feel digital ocean giving me a good performance with good service. But sometimes I feel my website loading is little slow. It’s happening very less number of time. Overall it’s really good. Thank you for for the best service. 🙂

    Ahmad Khalid

    Digital Ocean provides reliable service. I’ve been on their servers for going on almost two years now. In this time, the downtimes have been almost non existent, and every time I have some problems, their forums are helpful. I like the overall experience I had with them in these two years and I think I’m going to be staying with them for a long time still 😀

    Juan Pablo Aguilar

    I love DO, the hacktober fest, their documentation, their 1 click apps. after y use digital ocean many of my search start with !do.
    I like a lot the price and disponibility of the servers, it’s easy start with a small proyect and grown step by step, allways easy to apply.

    Ivan Gabriel

    After i switched to DigitalOcean few years ago i haven’t looked back. Not a single bump in the road. Its a elegant solution for cloud computing needs. Simple frontend, robust backend made it so much fun to work with. I have hosted web servers, nodejs apps, gaming servers and i had opportunity to try out new features, the Cloud Storage and it is fantastic. Its coming out in November 2017. and i believe its going to be most affordable solution on the market.

    Andrew Burton

    I’ve been using Digital Ocean for a few years now, I’m very happy with my experience so far. Their administration tools are straightforward and usable, I’ve never had any substantial downtime, and the price is great.

    Agilso Oliveira

    I have been using Digital Ocean VPS for about 4 years. Never had any kind of trouble. Their service is truly reliable, excellent uptime, fast machines, good price. I just used their support once or twice in all this time. They answered me quickly. I totally recommend it.

    Abdullah Balta

    I use Digital Ocean for my blog which is supported by Ghost Blogging platform. I pay 10$/per month, it never decrease my plan. Because, HDD of size is cannot decrease. This really annoying me. For example, I have 5GB file size. My plan size is 30 gb, previous plan hdd size is 15 gb. Why can’t I decrease my plan?

    Cheryl K

    Digital Ocean is a great service. Our website works well. We have had a couple of issues with redirecting but they make things right very quickly. I would recommend to others!

    Gregory Chris

    Great service, stable and reliable. Easy and useful dashboard, and good SSH access. The support is good as well.

    The storage is not separated from the machine, and the new “volumes” service is not available in my region – therefore I cannot enlarge the storage without resizing my instance

    Dennis Seymour

    Pros: Easy to setup, easier to run. I can easily increase resources as I need it and I don’t have to pay high fees upfront. The customer support is superb as well. There are also other services (such as that can integrate and help you manage things even faster. The speed for SEO is also up to par.

    Cons: Limitations on advanced services and it might need additional security settings but that’s just nitpicking.

    Darko Stefanovic

    In short: I am very satisfied customer of, and let me try to explain why.

    I created account with them after several unpleasant experiences with other providers of VPS.
    From the very beginning, it was very clear: You pay only for what you used. And it was true and it is true. Very often, I pay less than what I used because, when I used it for less than their billing unit, which might be an hour, i didn’t find that charge on my invoice. If you are not that familiar with some concepts of DEV OPS, let me give you more details about this:

    i use terraform and ansible, in combination, to test automation of some projects that i am developing/working on.
    this, very often means that i run script that starts several low level servers (droplets), i do some things inside them and than just kill them.
    those operations are often under 10 minutes.
    And i can swear that for short usages, i was not charged. This is not why I am their customer, i am just stating this.

    When I started using terraform on digitalocean, they noticed that i am using some automation and they have contacted me with email asking if i needed any help and gave me some advice.

    When I was playing with installing opensource mail server solutions on their droplets, i did not know how to do that by myself, i experienced errors that I couldn’t figure out by myself, so i asked their customer support in email. It did not take long, less than few hours, that i got nice reply with advice what could be wrong and how could I solve it. They were not teaching me as “holding my hand”, but they gave me really constructioe advice and links on where i should continue.

    I am currently developing solutions for small business and i found Amazon (AWS) very complex, so i turned back to digitalocean because they have exactly what i need: Simple, straight forward service and you pay whay you use. No subscriptions or any of hidden costs. Just don’t forget to destroy droplet that you created for testing, because, you pay for what you use, and, if you have server created, it is called droplet, and even if you are not using it as server, if it is just created, you will pay for time that you have it, and it is your fault that you forgot to destroy it.

    I use other providers, like Amazon, but only for things that digitalocean does not provide, like Alexa and Lambda or similar things.

    Alexsandro Gomes

    Digital Ocean is a nice service. I use it since 2013 and I like it so much. The uptime is awesome, the support team (when you need them 🙂 ) is also nice. The flexibility of the droplets are great too. I didn’t test their API but it’s seems good. The how-to and forums are quite handy. I recommend it for sure!


    I have been using digital ocean ~4 years (freebsd VPS). Good price, excellent uptime, good documentation, simple and comfortably. I recommend it.


    Using it instead of my old shared hosting, which served pages much slower, had much less flexibility (no root access etc.), and costed at least twice more! Extremely happy after the switch to Digital Ocean!


    I’m newbie about host, web, and developing web. My friend using Digital Ocean and he recommending for me to using Digital Ocean. Then with my friend help installing hosting, my domain can launch.
    And my experience using Digital is good, no any problems until now, and i’m so glad using Digital Ocean.
    Very glad and interested for recommend Digital Ocean to my friends.



    Digital Ocean is a great hosting service, stable and reliable. Easy and useful dashboard, and good SSH access. The support is good as well. I’m hosting my development and production sites on Digital Ocean for 4 years now and I can’t complain. Thank you for your services, proud to use it.

    Daniele Esposti

    I use DigitalOcean just for my personal blog and some experiments, I really enjoy the freedom DigitalOcean gives you on managing your machine and the clear and simple management dashboard. The pricing is also very simple and clear compared which make DigitalOcean the perfect choice if you need to run small to medium website or web apps.

    Abhishek Yadav

    I personally use Digital ocean for all my websites, It’s fast and cheap and really worth every penny we pay for it as its $5 plan can handle up to 5000 real-time users with proper configuration. Its flexibility to choose our servers all across the world is remarkable and quick deployment of servers with any configuration too. The only problem is it being unmanaged which is fine because of the features it offers and that too can be now fixed with several programs like EasyEngine etc.

    Haldun Uraz BORALILAR

    We love DO

    Burak Aydın

    I think Digitalocean’s service is great for a lot of staff but when it comes to production servers, their price per source (like cpu, storage etc) is higher that AWS etc. So they still have to improve if they want their service to be used for production.

    Emil Atanasov

    Digital Ocean is pretty good for small projects like blogs, static sites, node apps. If you need a powerful solution which should scale then you should go and check some of the other players on the market. The down-time and speed are pretty good for the price, but there are better deals. Customer support is great.


    Offers a great service for VPC – and even better Nameservers configurations. Reliable site, love their tutorials

    Clare Swindlehurst

    I’ve been using Digital Ocean to host my sites for years now and can’t fault their service – I like the price too!


    Excellent service

    Aaron Carlino

    I’m pretty happy with Digital Ocean. The user experience is pretty amazing, and I appreciate the minimalism. I’m not a huge devops guy, so the fewer options available to me, the better. Less stuff to break!

    The downside is, of course, that there just isn’t that level of hands-on service to get me out of a jam when things break. I think three times now I’ve had my droplet shut down because of DDOS attacks, and I basically get shut down without notice pointed to a tutorial on how to fix it. It’s a bit disconcerting and cold, but I get that’s what you pay for with unmanaged cloud hosting. For what it’s worth, the tutorials are really fantastic. They’ve helped me through a number of issues.

    Support has been pretty wonderful, too. Responses are well within a reasonable timeframe, and they’re usually very polite and helpful.

    I’d recommend DO to just about anyone, with the appropriate caveat that there is little in the way of hands-on support.

    Neels van Niekerk

    Very impressed with the execution speed of my site

    Al Romano

    Digital Ocean is a fantastic web hosting provider. Have been using them for personal freelance and client work since 2014. Love their UX Dashboard for managing your droplets.

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