Is A Small Orange Big Enough for Your Needs?

There is no web hosting service they cannot handle!

Their knowledge is quite insightful and practical, and their attitude toward clients’ issues is extremely supportive.

These are just a few of the sentiments that you get when you go through A Small Orange hosting reviews.

A Small Orange is more than a hosting company: it is the symbol of support and service to the community.

When did it all begin? In 2003, A Small Orange was founded in Atlanta, with the core mission to deliver reliable hosting against a backdrop of quality customer support.

Today, the company has tens of thousands of customers around the world.

What remains unchanged over time is their commitment to excellence. While most hosting companies focus on unlimited hosting, A Small Orange promises value for money. Whether you need data centers, uptime, cPanel, support, speed or security, efficiency is guaranteed across the board.

A Small Orange Data Centers

The expertise of the team managing the environment of your website is critical, but so is the location of the hosting server. For best performance of A Small Orange services across the USA, the company has invested in two separate server locations: Dearborn, Michigan and Dallas, Texas.

Data centers in different locations enable the host to serve sites with the same speed, regardless of geographical region.

A Small Orange Uptime

If you use your website to make money, then downtimes are to be dreaded even more than usual.

Well, here is a company that promises 99.9% uptime on websites and blogs and that’s not all. To ensure that customer alerts on downtime are addressed in real time, they have a dedicated 24/7/365 expert support based in the USA.

For new customers this might be hard to believe, based on any previous experience with other hosts. Is the 90-day money-back guarantee reassuring enough to try ASO services out?

A Small Orange cPanel

Among others, ASO offers shared hosting, WordPress, business, reseller, cloud VPS and dedicated servers based on cPanel.

With a free license to access both cPanel and WHM, clients can modify their web hosting environment and manage the business side of things.

A Small Orange cPanel grants user control over the website, the email addresses and the databases. Users do not need any prior technical in order to harness the full potential of cPanel.

A Small Orange Support

The world of technology is changing rapidly and with these changes come new ways of doing things.

For a company that’s been on the front line in making customers happy, A Small Orange is dedicated to carrying along its clients into a brighter tomorrow. One way to achieve that is through the regular roll-out of information to both new and existing clients.

The best channels to achieve this are the social media outlets. There, clients get to learn about new products and how they can grow their businesses, as well as how to make profits easier. On Facebook, the ASO team promises a response time of less than an hour.

Quality customer support doesn’t have to be at the expense of high costs, as the ASO model clearly shows. From their firm understanding that the customer is the core pillar of their business, they have structured their efforts around building a strong team, ever ready to answer questions and to sort out customer concerns 24/7/365.

The latter is possible only with a team that is knowledgeable about all aspects of hosting. Do you want to know about additional web services that may be able to complement your current hosting plan? Talk to the customer support team at ASO!

Customer feedback indicates that all issues, large or small, receive the attention they deserve.

Log into any website, and you can find a contact us page. However, it takes a company, which values its customers like ASO to have a live chat button, Facebook link, and Twitter link in addition to the A Small Orange phone number and emails.

A Small Orange Speed and Security

The faster your website loads, the faster the conversions start coming. A Small Orange offers this much-needed simplicity. Since their technical expertise is available, clients save a lot of time in optimizing their sites’ performance.

To allow customers to focus on their main business, ASO technical team takes care of the setup.

It is always important for customers to be aware of the different hosting packages and what to expect when making payments. ASO provides a list of hosting services without any hidden fees, so that there are no surprises for the clients.

While some companies leave this out to avoid putting off potential customers, ASO prefers to deal with well-informed customers.

At every stage of transacting, ASO is keen to let their clients know that they are in control of the process. They are free to manage their own renewals, make changes to their accounts and adjust security features to limit access to their accounts.

Small Orange Features

When a company is dedicated to what they do, it is difficult not to project their enthusiasm to outsiders. Some of the core principles, which have contributed to the success of A Small Orange are: value for people, dependability, integrity and nurturing relationships.

Value for people within any organization ensures that the employees remain loyal and the customers keep coming back. ASO must have learned this secret very early in their existence.

When people trust you with their business, they expect you to fulfill their expectations. Certainly, there will be challenges, but they can be addressed when all other work has been thoroughly done. This work ethic is what gives ASO the confidence to plan for the next five years, ten years and beyond.

Being a leading company in the industry takes time and for ASO it has been more than 14 years. This could be achieved only with integrity; being beyond reproach in conduct and association.

Customer reviews on ASO show that they expect the company policies to be upheld whether or not the conditions are favorable.

A Small Orange Pros and Cons


–       Pocket-friendly plans

–       Multiple avenues of customer support

–       Uptime of 99.9%


–       While there is a dedicated customer support all throughout, the response times might be a bit long

–       The technicians require all customer queries to be ticketed, which contributes to the problem above

–       All shared plans have limited bandwidth


A Small Orange has been in business for over a decade now for a reason: they deliver on their promises. Relatively cheap and speedy sites are aspects that make many customers happy.

Most of all, A Small Orange reviews agree that the company is exceptional in their customer care, which is the key to good business.


What is the price of A Small Orange hosting?

A Small Orange provides different hosting plans according to the needs of individual businesses.

I am in the Caribbean, can ASO host my website?

Yes, A Small Orange has a client base spread all over the globe. You too can become part of this great experience.

Does ASO have seasonal offers?

Yes! To find out the exact date, keep checking their social media pages for updates. You can also take advantage of A Small Orange Promo code for major holidays.





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    Hugo França

    ASmallOrange’s customer center is great. They reply really fast and always helped me with my issues.

    Jane Davenport

    I’m a writer, not a coder. I know just enough to get myself in trouble. Fortunately, the techies at A Small Orange are available 24/7 to bail me out. Best customer support at the best price. Can’t go wrong.

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